You and him

Ask me what boy and what you look like and ill do an imgeine for yo


2. Emma & Harry! <3

Emma and Harry had been going out for a while Harry and Emma went to Cornwall for a nice holiday.they went to Padstow and went to The Famous Little Shop and bought loads from the animal shop, The day went by and soon it was evening and Harry had an idea." Emma lets go down to the beach!" Harry exclaimed. "Ok hazza!"I exclaimed .What is he up to now i thought.we walked down to the beach and there was Harry with a boqouet of flowers. He played 'hey ho' by The Lumbiers."oh Harry! This is lovely!how did yo-"I was stopped by Harry leaning forwards kissing me pationeately." Harry this is wonderful." I said. Harry started to sing "Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me," (etc!!) I started to cry in happiness. Harry finished and cuddled me.We kissed then went to a hotel to eat.This was the best day ever!



To Emma I hope you like it! Sorry if you don't ! This was my first go on writing an imagine so plz don't hate me!!! Lol












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