This is something I wrote in class but I'm pretty pleased with it. It is based on character and setting development.


1. Imagination


The star filled sky is closer than normal. The damp forest floor much further away. Paws scamper past. A lone wolf’s howl echoes.  An owl screeches its cry. The bushes rustle in the breeze. A draft of smoke rises through the trees; it shouldn’t be here. Its foul stench fills my nose. A crisp, burnt taste seeps into my mouth. The tree’s spiked branches scratch my face. Late January’s night chill blows against my arm. The dark night, lowly brightened by the moonlight, surrounds my forest hill. My mound of wild grass, littered with billowing trees, sits alone in the young night’s wind.

    My body floods with anxiety. A tall man is lurking beneath my branches. He hasn’t noticed me, sitting in my treetop perch. Crimson blood trickles down his leg. A deep gash lays embedded in his thigh. He wears ripped blue jeans, revealing his dark skin, and a hooded jumper covers part of his head. Despite his appearance, a glint in his eye shows he is more harmful than he looks. I scramble around for a better view but he moves away.
    I drop to the ground with a thud, louder than I had meant. He hasn’t moved far. He spins round sharply, undeterred by his injury. My curiosity is overwhelming.
    “Who are you?” I say, in a voice too friendly for my liking.
    “Who are you to ask?” he replies curtly. He stalks off hurriedly, nothing else said. My imagination flows wild.


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