1. Prologue


 A funeral, the worst family get together ever. A wedding is great, no-one gets hurt. Family congratulate you. Smiles are everywhere. You see everyone. But a funeral, well everyone has grim and solemn faces. Dark colours surround you, drowning in the black sea. No laughing, no smiles, just tears and sadness. Hymns are sung and poems are read. I couldn’t take it, I ran out my face going grey.  Normally when I cry my face goes red.

I will find whoever murdered my brother and I will avenge him! The Police are useless. They will not help me. Even if they tried I will reject them.


I fell to the floor. My long, straight ginger hair came over my shoulder. I felt weak. I couldn’t get up. My voice was lost when I yelled. No-one could hear me the church doors were solid and practically soundproof.

I shivered. My face was now like a black cloud about to burst with rain. My hair from what I could see began to go black. Jet black like a black cat stalking the midnight sky.  I held it in my hands, they were grey, and my legs were too. What was happening?

My eyes suddenly strained and shut. I opened my eyes feeling burning on them. My blue irises suddenly turned black to match my hair. Without any warning my back sprouted a couple of black, feathering wings. They gradually got bigger and blacker.

Was I dead? Was this what it felt like to die? I felt my heart pumping, madly though. My blood began to fizz, it popped. I got a sudden rush and began to run. I ran like they was no tomorrow, I climbed a ladder which led to scaffolding which led to the church’s steeple, I clambered on top of that and leaped. Was I crazy? People without wings might think I am. I thought I was until I opened up my folding wings and began to fly.  Flying! Who would of thought? Was I an angel?  If I was I definitely was a dark angel. But why? Maybe I had to work my way up? Let the vengeance begin!

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