3. Chapter Two- Robin


I woke the following morning in a sack at the other end of town. No change since yesterday. I’m still an angel. A dark angel. The only difference was my dress was ripped at the bottom and was shorter than I remember also I had no shoes just bare feet.  I got out of the sack and began to fly north towards the top of Scotland, the place where the accent is so broad my heart melts, also the place where my best mate William lives with his dad. He has glossy blonde hair and such a different shade of green eyes which reminded me of spring leaves on an oak tree. I flew so fast. I smiled, first time I’ve smiled since Greg died. As I thought of Greg my eyes narrows and I pursed my lips. I lost control. I started to hurl downwards. Down back to earth, away from the sky. Like an asteroid.  I turned into fire. My body got a rush again. This one could cost me my life though. My heart was in my throat pumping faster than ever before. I curled myself and prepared for a crash…

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