23. Chapter Twenty-Two - Callie

That girl was bad news, Robin. I couldn’t deceive my brother. We’ve been through everything together.

I woke up and walked towards the kitchen to get a cup of tea.


I turned around dropping the mug causing to smash on the floor. I jumped and sighed as I realised it was only Graham.


He touched the picture of him when we were eight and he turned back to his ‘Normalself.

He walked up and grabbed my arm and with his free hand he touched my photo. I returned to my original person. With no wings and the correct colour of skin, not teal. Our wings hadn’t grown yet. My eyes were still teal even then!


I looked at my hands and watched my face as I walked to a mirror and closely examined my face. As Graham released his hand I turned back to my teal angel. My smile slowly began to fade.

‘What the heck was that for?!’ I cried out

“A reminder.” He sneered

‘A reminder?’ I asked raising my eyebrows and lowering my head

“Of how nice you used to be and how caring you used to be!” He snidely remarked

‘Where did that come from?’ I asked confused.

“Don’t act stupid! I know you don’t want this! You don’t remember her do you?” He voice lowered

‘Who? Robin?’

“No, Gillian our mother” He said sarcastically

‘Don’t bring her up’

“You don’t remember Robin do you?”

‘How should I? We’ve never met?’

“Yes you have”

He led me to the outside bench and sat me down next to him.


“When we were 5 Robin and I used to be best mates, before we met William.”

‘Your point?’ I said tapping my foot impatiently

“I was getting to that, anyway you were jealous, scared she was taking me away from you”

I nodded it was coming back to me.

“She always tried to make you laugh and try to join you in our games. You wouldn’t take it. You would give her an evil smile and glared at her. When our mum and her mum met up you’d always stay at home with dad! I used to get so annoyed I wanted to hit you and tell you how horrid you were to Robin!”


I clasped my hands over my face, I began to sob. My brother had never talked to me this way before. He bowed his head before he got into more detail.

“Then after 5 weeks, Robin was banished from our house because of you and her fighting. I hated you for 4 weeks after that yet I tried not to show it.  Her mum and our mum despised each other. They didn’t talk ever again because of you. Because of you throwing yourself at Robin, clawing her! 3 years later when this photo was took I’d forgotten about Robin. My life then evolved around you and mum, especially after dad ran away with Lynette! But once we got the bumps from the 1st spouting of our wings mum took us to the doctors. Remember that?”

I nodded my sobbing becoming louder.

“The doctor called us mutants! Deformed creatures remember?”

I nodded once again gulping back the tears.

“Mum gave us a glare of shock and shame. I remember you whimpering onto my shoulder. I then remember me becoming invisible, you shouting ‘GRAHAM!’ I remember turning around to face you, turning teal. Mum shouting ‘YOU’RE NOT MY CHILDREN!’

Once we returned home, our mum ignored us for 4 hours with a glass full of Chardonnay. She must’ve had about 15 full glasses in those 4 hours.

She glared at you. She shook her head.

‘Who are you?’ She asked

You replied “I’m your daughter, the daughter you loved.”

‘I have no children. I’ve never loved. My heart has never beaten for anyone, apart from my family.’

Your eyes filled up with tears.

I recall our mum kicking us out.

‘Now stranger__’ she began but you interrupted

“I’m not a stranger; I’m your daughter, mum”

‘I’m no-one’s mother! My name is Gillian!’ she cried

‘Now get out before I call the police!’

Our wings grew big and feathery and the same colour as our hair and clothes. We flew, only you could see me. We then crashed and that’s how we met Malik and William. Remember?”

I nodded.

‘That’s enough’ I choked

He pulled me close and hugged me.

“Ok but I want you to apologize to her. She remembers after I told her.”

I nodded I was going to make up for being a jealous cow.


I smiled at my brother and walked up to the spare room.

I knocked twice then walked in.

‘Hello? Robin?’

She jumped out of her skin dropping the brush onto the floor.

‘Oh sorry.’

“It’s Okay sorry I was in another daze” She chuckled


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