24. Chapter Twenty-Three - Robin

‘I wanted to apologize’

“For what” I smiled

‘Life, when we first met’

I laughed, I know I shouldn’t of but I couldn’t help it!

“I was never angry at you! I wanted to be your mate but you always seemed to hate me so I told myself not everyone can like you. That kept me at bay. I should apologize for hitting you.”

We hugged as if we accepted our apologies which we did.

‘I’ll be on your side all the way’ Callie smiled

I nodded as Callie walked out.


I picked up my brush and began to brush my blue hair.

I put my brush on the counter and walked down stairs.  Malik, Graham, Callie and William sat on the couch. Malik tapping his feet, Callie humming a random tune, Graham shutting his eyes and pretending to play the drums on his lap. Then there was William who was twiddling his thumbs whilst staring at the door.


I opened the living room door and spotted everyone turned to face me.

‘Morning’ I smiled

They all watched as I walked to the kitchen and made myself a cup of tea.

I poured the boiling water into the cup and then promenaded back into the living room and sat next to Callie.

‘Robin’ Malik said.

“Yes?” my smiled dropped

‘We have 2 days’ I said sternly


‘To get__’

“Ready for Keira” William interrupted

“How can you tell?” I asked

‘Remember? Malik was on Keira’s team for a while?’ Callie smiled awkwardly

I nodded.

Was Malik really trying to help us?

“They’d set a date…” gulped Malik

‘For?’ I asked

“2 days like I said before”

‘We need to learn to control our powers’ Malik explained. ‘I can use mine fine’ he said demonstrating. A bolt of lightning hit a tree, a tree that Malik was staring at.

‘Callie, can you control your water?’

“Of course! I’ve been practising since I was eight!” She laughed

We looked outside; I looked at Callie’s eyes. Her pupils disappeared and turned into water, non-seeped through to look like tears, they just made tidal waves in her eyes. Suddenly a flood of water made the fire on the tree die out. Malik panicked and made the sun dry out the flood. Graham rolled his eyes and before Malik even asked the question he touched the photo of him and Callie and held his photo. He changed into eight year old him (the features) He then released and touched Callie’s shoulder and her photo, her features turned into the eight year old her. He then let go and shielded himself.

I smiled at William, he stared at me and I watched as his eyes filled up with tears. He looked away and blinked them out.

I began to cry and I ran out the room into the hall and sat on the stairs. I shut the door behind me.

I heard Graham and William arguing then out came Graham closely followed by the door shutting firmly yet again.

‘What’s up Robin?’

I wiped my tears away but they kept flooding back.

He kissed my cheek and pulled me onto his chest. I looked up at his face. He was still in his 8 year old ‘disguise’.

‘Robin, tell me please’

I nodded and sat back up.

“I’m overwhelmed and William__”

‘Before you say anything. He doesn’t hate you.’

“I know he does”

‘How?’ he questioned

“I’ve known him for ages and I’ve never seen him cry. He found us last night. He ran and has barely spoken to me.”

‘He spoke to you before.’

I looked sternly at Graham making sure he knew I meant to be serious.

“He always looks at my eyes when he talks. This time he looked at the fireplace and didn’t look at me once.”

He nodded and grabbed my hand, he dragged me into the living room and didn’t let go until I sat on the couch.

William stared at our hands. His eyes were fixed on the grip on our hands. He ran out and left me with Callie, his brother and Graham. Graham went after him whilst Malik went for a cigarette out back.


‘William’s just being stupid’ she smiled taking my hand and patting it like Greg did when I had a nightmare and he was the only one that heard.

I nodded with the tears following again.

‘Shhh, stop crying otherwise you’ll see little people on a log flume going down your waterfall of tears!’ she joked wiping away my ‘waterfalls’


I followed Malik to the garden.

‘You got any more of those?’

He handed me the packet

“You smoke?”

I stayed quiet whilst he lit my cigarette.

He shook his hand as he took a drag of smoke and puffed it out.

“Ignore my brother; he’s like that when he finds love”

I choked on the fumes of the smoke as he said that.

‘Love?’ I spluttered, Malik hitting me on the back.

“Oh, you didn’t know?”
‘No!’ I coughed

He threw the end of the cigarette on the gravel and stomped on it. I took one last puff then threw it next to Malik’s.



We walked back in the living room and joined Callie.

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