26. Chapter Twenty-Five - William

Footsteps. Coming closer and closer. A knock.

Knock knock.

‘Go away’ I said pressing my bruised eye gently.

“Yeah right” said Robin sliding in

‘Haven’t you heard of knocking’ I said snidely

She giggled “I did?”

I blushed

“Stay still”

I did so.

Ice dust came out of her eyes and gently soothed my bruise.

“May I sit?”

I shrugged.

She sat next to me.

‘What do you see in him?’



“He’s my mate”

‘Who you love.’


My heart was pounding vigorously.

“You know what?”

‘No please share!’

“I did love you but now I see what Graham meant! I’m sorry! Bye!”


She hesitated.

‘I’m sorry’

She nodded and took my hand. She burst the door open and we flew downstairs.


I apologized to everyone else and we began practising with our powers.


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