28. Chapter Twenty Seven - Robin


I closed my eyes.

‘They’re here’ I gulped.

“What?! They’re early”

‘Maybe that’s why?’ William suggested ‘Malik, because you joined our side.’

We’d never thought of that.

I walked to the front door.

‘What are you doing?’ William said grabbing my forearm.

“Come on we’re ready”

They nodded and followed like a herd of sheep.


We stood there opposite my sister… Facing her.


Me facing her. William facing a purple girl, Callie facing a multi coloured man, Graham facing a green girl and Malik facing a snow white girl.


‘Hey little sister! You found who killed Greg yet?’ Sneered Keira.

“Of course you murderer.”

‘Well done!’ She gave a snide smile and tilted her head to the left of me and the right of me. The angels on her side ran and held my side back.

‘Just us little sister’ she smiled slyly.

She suddenly shot a fireball at me but I froze it just like I was told to by mu instinct.

I gave a flash of a sarcastic smile before we had a massive fight. 6 against 4. Then me against Keira.


The pressure got harder and more violent. Waves from Callie washed over us. I froze the tsunami and Malik melted the ice surrounding us. Keira’s eyes suddenly went orange. Melting the ice around her. My back was turned and I heard ‘Well played sis.’ And before I knew it I was splintered with glass from getting thrown into the house’s window and burnt from fire. William ran in after me leaving the 3 to defend us. Keira got stronger and stronger and eventually shouted causing the whole house collapsed and at the same time Malik struck her with Lighting causing her to fall backwards.


Keira’s eyes melted the rest and they flew away. Well hovered above us but then William and I was crushed by the house.


‘Death by angels’ Keira laughed.  ‘Your own kind!’



The 3 angels on our side began fighting as they came back to the ground. Then Keira burned the house allowing us to struggle free and continue fighting…

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