13. Chapter Twelve- Robin

‘The thing is Callie likes me.’

“I see”

‘Yeah, she gets jealous whenever I’m with another girl. She pushes them away and kisses me on the cheek, well tries to. I push her away and she knows who I like.’ He blushed

I smiled and walked back into his room

“I’M NOT STANDING UP FOR HER!” Callie cried out

Malik and Graham stood next to each other in shock.

I tried to give her a smile but she wouldn’t take it.

‘Thanks, then I guess it’s me against an army.’ I sighed turning to face the door.

“Erm no”

I quickly and sharply turned round.


“I said erm no!”

‘What, why?!’

“I don’t care what my sister says! She doesn’t control my life!” Graham cried

A smile of gratitude spread across my face as he continued.

“Callie, you go on your own if you despise Robin, but I’m staying to help, and when I do I want you to be by my side! Please!”

Callie nodded she stood next to me and semi-smiled.

I smiled back and regarded Graham.

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