4. Chapter Three- William


I rolled my eyes to see my fiancée waltzing up to me. Tala.

The bossy woman is my fiancée. I didn’t like dating but when I first met her she was as sweet as a toffee apple. But now she is a horrible cow. I know a bit harsh but it’s the truth. My dad has been hypnotised by her ‘sweetness’ and thinks she is an adorable woman who is very polite and gorgeous. Yeah right.

“Carry the babies stuff please” she said shoving the stuff into my arms.

‘Why can’t you?’

“I’m pregnant!” She yelled her eyes narrowing one hand on her half grown bump.

I took the stuff and put it in the halfway. I then dragged my feet along the grass leading to my dad’s pickup truck. Yes I still live with my dad. I’m 20 and living with my 55 year old dad… Still.

‘By 4 months you little cow’ I murmured

“What was that son?” He said pulling his baseball cap rim down a bit.


“Ok, well take this to the hall please Chuck”

‘Yes dad.’

I took the cardboard box full of baby stuff


I did as asked and gently put the box onto the floor in the hall.

My dad and I live in the countryside at the top end of Scotland. We live on a farm with cows, horses, pigs, hens, sheep and goats; we have a barn for all the animals at night and to keep the food like hay and seed in. Our house itself is quite big. A country house. My floor is on the top floor with a bathroom and a study. Whilst downstairs there is my dad’s bedroom, the kitchen which is joined to the dining room. The dining room is linked to the large living room. Our downstairs also has a downstairs bathroom so that he doesn’t have to climb the stairs.


Anyway, Tala walked up to me meeting me at the Front door.

“Yes?” I sighed

‘Don’t take that tone with me sir!’ She sneered

“What my sweet little Pumpkin” I called sarcastically

‘I’m going to see my sister in Cornwall and your dad has agreed to take me. I’ll be back in two weeks, and he’s staying with me’

“That’s 2 days before the wedding!” I screeched




They set off with 4 bags, 1 bag was dad’s the 3 other bags were Tala’s. I watched and waved as they turned the corner.

I spotted a plush rabbit lying on the floor. As I went to pick it up I heard a roar. I looked up throwing the rabbit at the open door; a fiery ball came towards me. Was it a meteorite? No?

As it crashed to the floor I fell and landed on my bottom. The crater was the size and depth of a meteorite but it wasn’t a meteorite. I stood up and brushed myself down. I looked at the fire as it died down. It revealed a girl about the age of 18. She was grey and black. She had grey skin and black hair and dress. Suddenly wings stretched out.


“Who are you?” I asked

‘It’s me, Robin’

“No it’s not Robin has beautiful ginger hair and crystal blue eyes, porcelain skin and rosy red cheeks.”

‘If it’s not me then how do I know you were born on the 9th January? And that you despise Tala?’

“It is you!”

‘I told you!’

“Can you stand up?”

She tried but fell over clasping her ankle.

‘No, my ankle is sprained. My wing is damaged too.’

“Come on I’ll help you to the house.”

I carried her to the house and put her on the sofa.

“What happened?” I exclaimed staring at her

‘I don’t know. I walked out from our brother’s funeral and this happened after I said I’ll avenge him.’

“You said you’ll avenge him?”

‘Yes, meaning take revenge on Greg.’

“I know what it means, but how will you find the murderer?” I asked bandaging Robin’s foot up.

‘I don’t know. I mean, I’m an angel and I don’t know what my powers are’



‘Help me?’

“Sure” I said uncertain how but I agreed to it.

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