14. Chapter Thirteen - William

I found it funny how she didn’t ask who I liked. I guess she understands like that.

Callie. I had no idea she was that stubborn! She had a face like a gremlin when she caught a glimpse of Robin. I was surprised at her.


I was at the doorway, looking at my brother, the twins and Robin. She’d coped with this whole thing so well but Malik had found a problem, not a particular small one either!

‘Keira has 7 angels including herself. We have 5...’

“So, find more?” Graham suggested


“Why” Callie spoke up.

‘It’s not that simple’ explained Malik

Robin was now sitting on the bed. Not saying a single word.

“Robin?” I asked walking up to her.

She snapped out of her daze and yawned. I looked at the clock, 5:30 am.

‘Guys, shouldn’t we get some more sleep? We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow! Graham, Callie you can sleep on the couches and Malik, your room.’

They agreed and all went to the airing cupboard to fetch blankets, apart from Malik because he had his duvet. We all went to bed; I stayed in my room with Robin for a bit.

I tried to hold her hand to reassure her but she pulled straight away.

‘Goodbye’ she said as she rose up off of the bed and walked towards the door.

I regarded her, and lay on my bed after she shut the door.

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