17. Chapter Sixteen- Keira

‘Wake up Guys!’ I screamed kicking all of them to wake them up.

“Time?” Dylan asked rolling over onto his left side.

‘Never mind that!’ Harry sneered ‘What’s the plan, you didn’t tell us yesterday?’

“Yeah and where is Malik?” Tulisa asked impatiently

‘Against us, now get up and help me get food. Then we’ll practise.’

“Finally a plan!” yelled Malorie

We all got up and got food for energy.

I fluttered over to the desk where the computer lay. I then searched ‘abandoned barns’

‘I’ve found somewhere’ I yelled

Everyone exchanged looks then we all agreed that was our place. It wasn’t too far to fly.

‘Let’s go.’

We smashed a window and flew to the barn.

When we got there we opened the doors to find hay and all sorts. We basically spent the whole day cleaning the barn.

Me, Harry, Malorie and Tulisa (clone) bought targets for our powers to practise making the shots more accurate so in a nut shell everything that is needed for practise whilst the actual Tulisa, Dylan, Lucinda and Jennifer redecorated and cleaned out the barn.

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