7. Chapter Six- Keira

I flew over Scotland, trying not to be noticed by those below.

One girl spotted me and pulled at her mum’s overcoat.

‘Mummy! Look!’ she said pointed at me.

I locked onto her and immediately shot a fire ball.

I need practise… Badly. It didn’t even hit her, it hit a car that drove past her.

I shook my head and landed. I needed a disguise, to hide me. Only one boy I could trust, a make-up artist and a great disguise artist too .

Malik, my best friend since school. We are more or less the same age. He’s 24 and I’m 4 months younger than him. Anyway I flew down and landed in the hallway of his apartment.

‘Hey Malik, its Keira, buzz me in?’

“Sure! It’ll be great to see you.”


I got in the lift and folded my wings up. The lift went up 3 floors before it went to Malik’s. I walked out and knocked on the door.

‘It’s open Keira!’ He yelled.

I waltzed into the room and smiled at Malik.

‘This some kind of joke?’ He said turning around to stare at me straight into my soul. It felt horrible like he was looking right through me.


‘Keira tell me what’s going on!’


‘No, your new haircut?’ He said sarcastically

I rolled my eyes and explained what happened.

“Right, so I guess you want a disguise then to hide…That?” He sneered

‘Yes.’ I admitted

“Well you came to the right place!” He said lifting his frown into a smile.

I semi smiled back.

He left my hair red, ketchup red. He put green contacts in my eyes, and covered my whole body in peach foundation.

He got black tights, shorts, a vest top, hi-top converse and a leather jacket.

‘Thanks’ I smiled taking the clothes off of Malik.

‘Wait what about my wings?’

Malik put 1 finger up to mean as if to say ‘One minute’. He reappeared after 10 minutes of keeping me waiting.

‘What is that!?’ I asked confused.

“It’ll hide your wings, it’ll keep them against your body”

‘Ok…’ I said unsure.

I went into the changing rooms and stripped naked, apart from my underwear. I buckled the leather belt harness to my body and made sure my wings were as flat as they could be. I came out with the clothes Malik gave me on.

‘You look like a normal person again’

I decided to ignore that snide comment.

We sat in silence for a while before I replied to that hurtful comment.

‘You want to know what I can do?’

He nodded. I gently took the green contacts out from my eyes and shot a fire ball at a mask that was plastered on a polystyrene head.

“WOW!” He screeched.

I studied him closely.  Closer than ever before. Something as different.

‘Hey you mind not checking me out like that? It’s spooky!’ I did as asked and put the contacts back into my eyes.

‘Something’s different about you’ I said squinting at him.

“Nothing is different” he sneered.

He changed colour, he wiped his forehead as he started to sweat he was lying, he only ever sweats when he’s lying. A yellow colour appeared.

‘Malik, your forehead.’ I said pointing at it.

“What?” He asked staring at the mirror.

“I might as well come out with it.” He sighed


“I am one of you.” He pulled of his black wig and used tissues and wipes to clean the foundation off of him. He took the brown contacts out of his eyes. It revealed a man, not the Malik I first met in pre-school a different man.  A man with sandy coloured skin and bright sunshine yellow hair wings and shorts stood before me. His eyes were yellow, yellow with lighting, like mine no pupils.

‘Wait! Should we have to hide? If there are more of us ‘angels’ why should we hide?’

“You’re right”

I got a shower and took my contacts out. I also changed back into my red dress.

Malik was still yellow, like Homer Simpson except Malik had hair. I walked out and Malik informed me that every angel has 2 powers. He controls storms and can find angels in the world.

‘But Malik, I have only figured out 1?’ I replied

“Let’s find out with is your other one then”



10 minutes later we figured out I could locate anyone in the planet.



‘Concentrate Keira!’

“I am!”

“I’ve found 100 and more people called Robin!” I yelled

‘Narrow it down to how many Robins in Scotland’ Malik demanded.


‘Okay, I’ll find some angels to help us get her!’

He found about 6 angels that wanted to help us kill my sister.

They flew here in an instant.


‘Name and powers is all we need to know.’ I explained to the 6 angels

We went left to right. I asked the questions and Malik wrote the answers down on a clipboard.

1st one was green. She had dark green skin and an ivy colour green for her hair which was wavy and knee height, wings and dress, her eyes were green leaves.

‘Name?’ I asked



“I grow nature any way I want, evil or pretty, I also can clone myself into however many needed.”


Malik scribbled it down.

2nd one was Black, he had a dark grey body and he had black, shoulder length hair, black shorts and wings. His eyes were black and had skulls in them. Every time he breathed out black smoke would float out of his mouth.

‘Name?’ I asked



“Death at one touch and I can heal people if wanted.”

Malik scribbled him down.


3rd one was violet. She had violet skin and dark grape-skin coloured short, curly hair, wings and dress.

Her eyes were purple and had stars in them.




“Make people blind, and can hypnotise people”

Once again Malik scribbled it down.


4th one was white. With cream skin and cloud white long hair, wings and dress. Her eyes were white like snow with no pupils(like the rest).




“I make people faint, and I can also make it so white no-one can see”

Malik slowly wrote it down.


The 5th angel was multi-coloured. His skin was different colours and so were his shorts, wings, hair, and eyes. He was the only angel out of all of us that had pupils.


“Harry” He said smiling at me

‘Powers?’ I asked amused

“I can turn invisible or blend into things. I can also make people fall in love with me”

He gave me a flirty wink and I blushed.


The 6th angel was pink. She had light pink skin and magenta curly hair,  magenta wings and a short magenta dress like mine. Saying that all the dresses were like mine and we all had bare feet. Also our wings and hair matched our clothes. Her eyes were magenta and she had light pink pupils.


“Malorie” She had a nice smile

‘Powers?’ I asked grinned

“I can levitate people and I can run a mile per second.”

Malik stared at her and I had to kick him to make him write it down.


‘Right we are all set!’ I yelled.

“Yeah, what’s our plan?” asked Dylan

‘I agree we need a plan!’ admitted Tulisa

The rest nodded.

‘We really need a plan’ Malorie said stepping forward.


“Can you say anything else that does does happen to have the word plan in?” I gasped

‘Well tell us what it is!’ Harry smiled

“Fine! Malik, come hear” I ordered

Malik trundled up to me and lifted his head up.

‘Find Robin’

“No it’s not that simple” I said rejecting Lucinda’s suggestion

‘Yeah I think it is’ Jennifer pointed out fiercely

“No, Keira’s correct, it’s not that easy!” Malik acknowledged me

I regarded him with a nod.

‘Surely it is.’ Lucinda’s argument shocked Malik a bit.

“It’s easier said than done.” Malik cringed


“Get some sleep we’ll plan tomorrow” I demanded

Malik helped me spread out the duvet on the floor.


Everyone fell asleep. Apart from me, I sat in the kitchenette on the black stool practising locating people. I found so many people. But only one person called Keira Ferguson. Me.


‘I guess I’m not the only one that can’t sleep?’

I jumped out of my skin.

‘Oh Dylan, you scared me’

“Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you”

‘It’s Ok’

“Why can’t you sleep?”

‘Oh it’s nothing’ but there was something.


‘It’s the truth Dylan! Why can’t you sleep?’

“A fear”


“That’s what I said, wasn’t it?”

I nodded, there was silence for about 5 minutes before he closed his eyes and leant forward and pouted his dry, chapped lips. ‘Yuck!’ I thought.

‘Maybe later’

“Fine, but you owe my one Keira”

I swear the skulls in his eyes became smoky 3D images and then disappeared back replacing his pupils once again.

As he walked out he glared at Malik, who was lurching outside the archway, and poked his chest. He murmured something I didn’t quite catch but it must have been cruel as Malik looked at me and wiped his eyes with the back of his yellow hands.

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