18. Chapter Seventeen- Jennifer

‘Why the hell do we have to do this?’ I moaned to Dylan

“I’m sure they’ll help us when they get back” He said chucking out the papers that he shuffled

‘I hope so’

“Hey Jennifer look what I found behind the hay!” shouted Tulisa from the back of the barn.

‘What is it?’ I shouted back, standing up from scrubbing the floor



 “Let’s paint this barn?”

‘Any brushes?’


I took a glance at Dylan who smiled at me.

I walked towards Tulisa and grabbed a bucket of green paint and a paintbrush.

I smiled at her as I walked to my work station. I began painting my spot when I heard Lucinda.

I looked at Dylan and raised my eyebrows as she walked past.

Dylan looked over his shoulder and saw Lucinda wipe her mouth with the back of her hand.

I continued to paint as Dylan walked over.

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