8. Chapter Seven- Robin

A breeze from the open window awoke me. I got out of my camp bed and walked to William’s door.

3 Polite knocks should do the trick.

No answer.

After waiting for 3 minutes I knocked like the police. Thump Thump!

I waited this time for about half a second.


I opened the door.

William stood stunned in his room.

‘I... I...I__’

“You’re like me!”

He hung his head in shame.

“No, no don’t be ashamed”

He lifted his head up a bit. Not much but it was better.

‘Yes’ he finally admitted.

He was orange, light orange skin. Tangerine coloured ruffled hair, wings and shorts. He was also bare foot like me. His eyes were bright orange and glowed in the darkness.

‘What’re your powers?’ I asked curiously

“I absorb heat and I have torch eyes as you can see”

‘Oh, that’s awesome!’ I smiled reassuringly

He looked up and grinned.

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