2. Chapter one- Keira

How could I tell my sister that I killed our mentally ill brother? He kept pushing me and making groaning noises. He was cross eyed and had hair spiking out everywhere. My mother couldn’t take it and ran away causing our father to run away after her. So Robin and I are alone. We had Greg (our brother) but he went mental and well those consequences brought him to this present day. As the oldest of the 3 I had to save him and put him out of his misery. She won’t ever find out you know why? I still have the knife sealed in a bag. I used gloves so no finger prints could be found. I took him out behind our terraced house and killed him there.  Yes I regret it. He was my brother, but I wasn’t very close to him, or my sister. This’ll cause the whole family to split like cells in a fresh cut.


She’ll despise me, Greg and Robin had always been close that must have been why she rushed out of the church yesterday. Come to think of it she hasn’t returned either.

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