10. Chapter Nine- Keira


I left the kitchenette. Malik stood there. I tried to walk past but Malik held his arm out and grabbed my arm.

‘Malik let go’ I firmly whispered

He shook his head, eyes narrowing.

The fireballs in my eyes started to grow.

“Come with me” He muttered

I nodded suspiciously.

We walked into his room.

He slowly shut his door and continued walking until we reached the bed. The dawning light crept like a spy in a movie through his half shut blinds, making the room orange.

‘Why?’ was his first question

“Why what” I said sitting down on the bed.

‘Why did you?’

I stood up making myself look taller than Malik.

“Why what?”

‘Get my brother involved?’

“I had to.”

‘No. No you didn’t.’ My oldest mate, the sternest I have ever seen him.

He pushed me back onto the bed.

“I had no choice”

‘You had plenty’

I looked down at my feet as I scuffed them on the taupe carpet.

‘Give me your phone.’ He ordered, hand out in front of my face.

I paused

He gave me a stern look before reminding me to give him the phone.

I did so.

‘I don’t believe you.’ I said giving me a glare of disgust.

I scrolled down to further messages.



I know your secret, no need to hide it.

Help me and my army defeat my sister.

If you chose to go against out wishes, we’ll defeat you too.

Worst if possible.



‘You…You… horrible person.’

“That’s the best you got?”

‘I can do worst.’

Malik walked towards the door. Taking my phone.

He turned around.

‘Oh, you won’t see me again. Goodbye old friend.’


But I was too late he’d crashed through the window and was probably on the way to his old house now. Was Robin there? I'll never know?

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