15. Chapter Fourteen-Robin


I picked up the clothes that were strewn over the floor.  Sweaty tank tops from years ago like no-one had ever been bothered to clean up this mess. I spotted a tank top with rips in the back. From what looked like wings had made them.


I jumped and turned around dropping the tank top I was examining.

‘God Graham you scared me!’

He laughed and helped me pick up the clothes.

‘I’m sorry about my sister earlier’

“It’s fine”

‘No she can be a real jealous cow’

I giggled.



I stared at the figure that knelt down in front of me.

“Have you found how to make yourself opaque yet?” I sneakily asked

He nodded.

‘Yeah, after 12 years!’ he joked

“Show me?”

‘Sure, say a colour any colour’


He changed to navy.

“Oh my god! Amazing”

‘You can see what I look like now’

He had ruffled hair and eyes that glistening in the dimmed light.

“What did you look like before?”

He looked solemn

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

‘No it’s fine’ He interrupted

He pulled out a picture of him and Callie when they were 8.

He had beautiful emerald eyes and scruffy blonde hair. He had a white smile and dimples each side of his rosy cheeks. Callie had shoulder length wavy chocolate hair and teal eyes.

‘This is at the time our mutation began.’ I whispered.

“What happened?”

‘Our mother kicked us out the house because of me gradually going virtually invisible and Callie going a teal shade.’

“I’m sorry”

‘I guess it was fate.’


‘If the mutation never kicked in I wouldn’t of met you!’

I blushed.

He stroked my cheek.

I stared at his navy eyes.

I feel for him. We leant forward.

Further forward. My eyes shut shortly after his. I puckered up my lips and he did the same and as our lips touched we both heard a shocked breath.

 Graham looked around.

There stood William.

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