5. Chapter Four- Keira

Sitting in the corner of my room. Rocking forward and back. All that was going was Robin, Greg, murderer. Over and over, like a record on replay. There was still no sight of Robin. I was getting worried. Keira, the only sibling left of 3.

I stared at the bunk bed that Robin and I shared. Suddenly I felt weak. I began to cry. I broke down. My eyes felt puffy and red. Red like the devils sunburnt skin. I stared at my hands. They went slim and red. What was happening?

My legs did the same they went red too. Was I hallucinating? Probably.

‘AHH’ Pains shot through my back.

Feathered red things developed out of my back. Wings. Suddenly my eyes closed and wouldn’t open until they felt like they were on fire.

‘EEKK!’ My eyes were on fire, I swear.

I looked in my mirror. What was I?

My skin was red, a light red. My eyes were just flames. No, I’m telling the truth I no longer had pupils or green irises. Only orange flames. My dress was short and spiky along the edges. My brown hair became short, straight and Ketchup red to match my dress and my wings. My shoes disintegrated, bit weird but true.

Then I had a sudden urge to kill my sister. I turned evil.

I jumped out of the window and flew to the front door. I glared at the terrace. I blinked and then opened my eyes to send a fiery ball hurdling towards the house.

I could throw fire from my eyes!

I stared to fly up and up until I got high enough to see the whole of Scotland, once I was high enough I scanned the area of Scotland and decide to go and search for Robin.

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