6. Chapter Five-Robin

William was so helpful. He helped me find my powers. Suddenly everything changed. My skin went a baby blue colour and my hair, wings and dress went a dark blue colour. My hair was still straight and glossy. My eyes felt cold, icy like a snowball. I looked down then back up. William stared.

“What’s up” I asked

‘Your eyes.’ He said startled

He handed me a mirror.

I looked carefully at my reflection. My eyes were actual snowballs, I still had pupils but they were surrounded by my snowball iris and the white of my eyes. If you haven’t guessed my power is to freeze stuff, everything. I froze William by accident and sort of panicked and ran round like a headless chicken going wha-wha-what do I do?!

I just had an idea pop into my head, it may not be the best but at least it would free William.  I boiled the kettle and poured it over frozen William.

‘AHHH!!’ Yelped William as the boiled water scolded his scalp.

“Sorry” I apologized

‘Well at least I am warmer than I before’ joked William.

I stared at him.


“I think I just read your mind”

‘Nah, I doubt it’

“Well were you thinking about your unborn child?”

‘No…’ William stuttered

I could tell he was lying. His face was red, like a tomato.

“You were, you’re not ready are you?” I spluttered

He hung his head and shook it.

‘No’ he whispered


‘NO, I’M NOT!’

“Alright! Don’t take it out on me.”

‘I’m sorry’

“So I can read peoples mind” I said rubbing my chin.

He mimicked me and stroked his invisible beard.

‘Appears you can’ He smiled.

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