12. Chapter Eleven- Robin

‘William’ My voice matched my eyes, ice cold.

“They said they’d kill me.”


Suddenly his phone vibrated.

William looked at me to ask if he could read it.

‘Pass it to me’ I was about to cry

He nodded.

William passed me the phone then sat of the bed next to me.

‘William, I’ve stole Keira’s phone, don’t listen to that evil cow. You are against them you understand? You are on Robin’s side and so am I. We will stand against Keira and her back- up gang. I know it is 5 am but call Graham and Callie and report them to the house immediately, they are on our side. I’ll be there before 6.’ I read the text out loud.

William wiped his brow with a hanky he left on the side.

He looked at me, a petite smile on his face.

I couldn’t help myself; I leapt across and gave him a long, gripping hug. I cried, yes I admit it I cried, but not tears, snowballs, tiny tear shaped snowballs.

I was relieved not everyone wanted to kill me. Or defeat me.

I handed the phone to William after I released him from the tight hug.


‘I better ring the twins then’ He sighed amused

I nodded, ice crystals stuck to my face.


Ring Ring

Ring Ring

Ring Ring



“Yes Graham, it’s me.”

‘It’s 5 in the morning’

“Yes, wake up Callie; it’s an emergency, come over immediately!”

‘What’s happened?’

“It’s something we can’t discuss over the phone. Be at mine before 6 am, and fly. Don’t hide yourself.”

‘Okay, See you soon Will.’



He hung up.

‘So Callie and Graham?’ I smiled

“Twins. Callie was born 5 minutes after Graham. Graham is see-through only we angels can see him unless he has his purple protector shield on. He also can run as fast as a cheetah if needed. Callie is teal. With sea green skin and teal straight long hair, teal wings and a teal dress. Her eyes are sea green matching her skin with waves in the irises. She controls water and can make water run out of her body and flush the opponents away. Don’t worry, Malik, Graham and Callie are all fast flyers, they’ll be here any minute know”

And he was right. 3 knocks then a crash through the bedroom window, in came Malik, yellow, Graham the invisible and Callie, teal.



I stood up in surprise.


‘Yo’ he smiled


‘You must be Graham?’

“How could you tell” Graham smirked, making a ‘window washing’ action making himself more visible by putting the purple protector on.

Callie gave me an unwelcoming smile.

‘And you are?’ She gave me another jealous glare

“She’s my best mate” William said.

Callie’s mouth dropped.

I smiled at William. He smiled back.

“Malik, Graham, Callie this is Robin. Malik and Robin, you’ve met before.”

William took me outside whilst Malik explained to Callie and Graham what happened.

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