19. Chapter Eighteen- Dylan

‘Lucinda?’ I whispered as I waltzed over to where she sat.

I knelt down on my knees.

“Yes?” She softly smiled

‘Are you Ok?’

She nodded


She looked at me.

I looked at her white irises.

She looked bewildered and scared.

Her soft white hair stopped floating and everything froze apart from us. Time froze. I glanced at Jennifer. She was frozen on her second stroke of the painting. I then caught a glimpse of Tulisa who was painting the other side purple. She was frozen too.

‘You can freeze time as well?’

“Where’d you get that assumption from?” She said sarcastically

‘But I thought you could only make people faint and make it so white no-one can see?’

“It’s called a white lie” She joked

I rolled my eyes worst joke ever told! Apart from knock-knock jokes they’re worse than the devils evil laugh!


I scrutinized her face.

She had a white solemn face. Her caster sugar coloured hair drifted across her face. I brushed it back with my dark grey fingertips

She gave me little smile and shook her head as if it was against the law to smile.

“Dylan” She said again


She stared into space. Not looking at me, and when she did it felt like she was looking straight threw me!

She touched my shoulder and I hit the floor. Suddenly everything began to move again but before I knew it my eyes were shutting, my lids felt heavy like weight were pulling them shut. Jennifer and Tulisa ran over to me.

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