9. Chapter Eight- William

I’m happy I’ve found someone that is like me. An angel. Normally I’d have to hide by wrapping conjoined belts around my wings about 10 times before buckling it up and bathe myself in foundation to hide my orange skin.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Robin, since pre-school. My best mate. Always. I look at her now and then. She’s still beautiful. Cheesy, maybe, but it’s true. Her blue hair wafting in her face. I sometimes wonder if there are other angels. I have no idea…


Robin is so understanding. Did she suspect something? I don’t know.

She was still in the doorway to my room. Smiling. Releasing her wings. Stretching them out.


Her face suddenly drooped. Her shoulders lowered and her eyes widened.


She was in a deep daze.


Still nothing.

“ROBIN!” I shouted snapping my fingers in front of her.

I shook her vigorously.

She looked at me with no movement.

‘Something’s bad is going to happen.’


‘Let’s worry about it in the morning’

“No! Now!”

‘Listen, I’m just getting used to my powers, I could be incorrect.’

“Even if you are unsure of your powers you could still be right?”

‘Fine, Angels are going to find us, one is my sister.’


She nodded.

“How can you tell?”

‘I’m a mind-reader.’

“I gathered that” I said trying to break the ice

She glared at me and walked towards my bed that had a lime green eiderdown spread across it and sat on it her wings folded onto her back.

‘No time for jokes’ she said no glimpse of kindness in her voice.

We regarded each other before I spoke up.

“I know someone.”

‘I know lots of people’, her eyes amused but her mouth was a straight line.

“What happened to no jokes?” I teased through my teeth

She rolled her eyes.

“He’s one of us” I continued “So is his sister”

She nodded ruffling her hair out of her face.

‘Call them in the morning’ she demanded


I looked at my phone on the side. She followed my eyes.

I couldn’t help but think of her sister, how stupid of me.

‘You’re with them. Aren’t you?’

I hung my head in shame.

‘William, answer my question.’

I couldn’t answer.




“YES! YES! I am okay?”

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