true blood

Winter Peak and her friend hailee went to a concert and that night there life changed forever. fan fiction and comedy


1. interduction

    Hi, my name is Winter Peak this is my story on how I alone figured out my idols were different. The definition of different has many meanings to find the perfect one would be impossible. I'm 17 and my mom is awesome, she got me tickets to 1Direction concert. The concert was on Monday and today was Sunday, I was very exited. Me and my friend Hailee were shopping for tonight, she already pick out an outfit. It was a white tank top with baby blue skinny jeans. Hailee picked up this tank top that was zebra and a navy blue denim vest with some jeans.

    We got into my car and drove to the concert in silence. when we arrived it was crowded but our spots were still there. there were many girls there and even a guy who was going Zane crazy. The concert was amazing, the music even better. when we were about to leave the most amazing thing Niall came over too us and asked to see me alone. Hailee went back to the car to wait while Niall and I took a short walk.

    while Niall and I were talking I look deep into eyes before reissuing that his eyes where blue but they were brown. I blinked for a second looked back saw they were blue. we were talking about family and friends. then I look at my iPhone and saw we've been walking and talking for an hour. I said I had to go home. I ran and realize he was following me faster than I could run and I was the track team captain.

    I stopped and looked back he wasn't there I turned to continue running to find him standing right in front of me. I quickly maneuvered away from him and I ran all the way back to the car. I started the engine and drove away.

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