Nille and Steeles Adventures

The Zombie apocalypse has put the world in ruins, the undead is ruling the world, while the two survivors, Nille and Steele is trying to survive this living nightmare. They try to get out of the city, will they make it?


4. Chapter 4

Meanwhile outside the convenience store, walks a Witch, ( A special infected female type, which fingers had turned into claws, she is skinny and have long hair which almost could cover her face, glowing red eyes and she is wearing some kind of damaged tank top, and some small damaged shorts, you recognize her by her crying and sobbing) she is crying and sobbing very hard, as she is hiding her face with her claws behind her is some zombies, that seems to be following her.

Nille and Steele made ready to leave through the way they came in, but it was now occupied with a crying witch, who was followed by some zombies “Shit, what do we do?” Steele whispered as they were still in the convenience store, Nille looked around near the counter “I can’t find a tin can, Steele do you have one?” she whispered so they didn’t alert the witch. Steele moved over to the counter and hid himself behind it as he whispered back “Of course not, I’m not the type to run around with junk on me, am I?” Nille let out a cough “Yes you are” she continued “but, can you try help me find one, we need it to make noise on the street so the witch might follow the noise, do you follow me?” Steele nodded “I’m on the case, but.. what if we don’t fine a tin can?” They both thought for a while then Steele came up with an idea “Let’s not waste any valuable time, so you give me a soda, now” he whispered and made Nille signal with his hand for her to give him a soda, she let out a sigh “Very well” she went through her backpack and gave him a soda.
He opened the soda and it gave a “Tssssh” from it, both of them looked over towards the witch to see if she or the horde heard it, but it seemed to they were yet again lucky, those zombies apparently didn’t care about a sound like that. Nille looked at Steele as he aimed the throw to be around the witch but far enough away so that she hopefully would run the way she was head towards, Nille grabbed Steele’s hand and looked him in the eyes “Don’t you dare hit her.. We are as good as dead if you do... It would be amazing, but then we are followed by death.”
He looked back at her and turned his head to look towards the witch, as he release Nille’s grab on his hand, “ Do not worry, I won’t hit her. That was the plan right? I will just throw it so that it makes some noise, and then they will run towards the noise so we can get the hell out of here” he replied with a low voice, as he threw the can out of the big window in the convenience store, the can landed a just in front of the slowly walking witch, with a loud noise that could be heard from miles away, the witch heard it, as she started to growl and scream, she was furious over the sound that had interrupted her sobbing, she ran down the road, as a bigger horde starting showing up they ran towards her scream. In the meantime Nille and Steele were sitting behind the counter with their hearts almost beating out of their chest, in the exact moment the witch started to scream they thought that they were seen by her.
The witch’s scream was almost faded away before Nille an Steele began to move, it was just to be sure they were safe. They got up from the counter as they took out their melee weapons, and slowly steeped out from the convenience store, to find only a couple of zombies on the road. Steele poked Nille’s right shoulder, as she looked at him he put his index finger up right in front of his mouth, she understood that even if there were only a few zombies it was best to be as quiet as possible. They walked down the road a couple of blocks, they passed several small alleys on the way, they didn’t bother go and search in them since there was a high possibility of getting trapped.

They walked a few more blocks then they heard this strange noise, it sounded like a charger, there they stood on a open road with nowhere to hide, and a charger around the corner, yet again fate tested their ability to stay calm and observe their surroundings. They turned around and ran down the road they came from to go hide in the closest alley, Steele watched the charger from the alley corner as Nille secured his back in case someone tried to get them from behind. “Nille.. Don’t you think there is something odd about this charger?” he whispered to her with a low enough voice for her to hear, she walked up to him to take a look at the charger, It’s body was massive compared to a normal charger, the right arm wasn’t as crippled as a normal charger’s arm would be. They kept watching it, as it walked towards some zombies on the road, suddenly it went very aggressive on one zombie then another, it started to roar, its crippled arm mutated into something that began to look like a tank. “, Steele let’s get out of here” she said with a low voice, as her eye got wide open after watching a Charger mutate into a Tank. Steele looked behind him after a way out of the alley, “We have to.. get out of the area now. I didn’t think it was possible for a Charger to....change like that” Nille helped Steele with looking around for an escape route, as she ground started to rumble under them, Nille’s instinct of keeping calm in a crisis kicked in as she held onto Steele’s left shoulder, “No time, we have to act like zombies, and we are in the alley, he might not notice us, remember we have this crap on us so that we don’t get noticed?” Steele snapped out of the panic attacked he just had and nodded to her, they started to walk around in the alley and then stopped a couple of times to make it look like real, even they weren’t zombies.
The rumble got worse as the new tank was on rampage, he gave out a lot of roars and threw with cars and whatever that was on the main road, he didn’t care about his fellow zombies he threw everything around and ran them down is they were in his way. They could hear the tank getting closer and closer, every second was a nightmare, if they got seen as suspicious the tank wouldn’t hesitate to kill them, this could be the end of their life as they knew it. The tank stopped in front of the alley, as Nille and Steele stood with their backs to each other and faced each their wall. The time had come for them to either survive or die. The tank let out a grunt as he stumbled around, then it looked like he was examine the area or observing it, either one didn’t matter to Nille or Steele, they just had to wait until the Tank left the area, it would be foolish of them to go out or even leave their spots right now with a Tank right in front of them.

After a couple of horrifying minutes that seemed to be hours the tank suddenly went into a new rage and charged longer down the street. They kept staring into the wall, they were both paralyzed, because they were so scared of the possibility that the tank could just have smashed them. Steele turned around really slowly as he slided down the wall with his backpack on his back, he sat there with a fast beating heart in his chest, he rested his right hand on his chest as he felt the heartbeat. Nille slowly turned around some short time after as she looked shocked, she spoke with a low voice “ worked...” Steele looked up to her and smiled a little “ I guess so..” he said as he closed his eyes for a bit, he couldn’t believe they actually survived, or more likely just cheated a tank into believing they were zombies.
Nille held out her fist towards Steele, he smiled a little more as he held his fist up to hers. “Bro fist” they said at the same time as they hit their fists together softly. She sat down next to him to rest her legs for a short time as she said “ I can’t believe we actually made it..” Steele nodded as he added “ Yeah, It is amazing.. But we need to keep moving, we can’t stay at one place for long.” They stayed at the alley, they needed a break after having to put up with the undercover as a zombie.

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