Nille and Steeles Adventures

The Zombie apocalypse has put the world in ruins, the undead is ruling the world, while the two survivors, Nille and Steele is trying to survive this living nightmare. They try to get out of the city, will they make it?


3. Chapter 3

They walked down the road, they had walked around ten minutes which had felt like an eternity, but on the opposite side of the road where a convenience store, Steele noticed it and pointed at it “look” he whispered “a convenience store” Nille looked across the road and let out a sigh “finally a place to rest...” she looked to where there were supposed to be a Steele but he was gone, she panicked and looked around, finding him in front of the convenience store, picking the lock. She let out another sigh, as she walked up to him, she hear a click sound, the lock was open. Steele looked so happy “Yes! No alarm triggered this time, hurry inside sis, we wouldn’t want trouble with passing zombies.” Nille agreed and went into the convenience store, a lot of bodies were lying on the ground, just ordinary decaying bodies, Steele closed the door behind her, the windows were covered in dust, the same were the whole store, some of be bodies weren’t covered so much in dust compared to other corpses in the store.
“Looks like some have died here not too long ago. Some of them look pretty fresh.” Thought Nille, as she took out her katana to stab all the corpses in the head just to be sure that they wouldn’t be ambushed by a horde. She walked deeper into the store as she found a flashlight in a big pile of junk that were behind some racks in the right corner, of the store. It was in okay shape consider the situation, the glass were a little broken, but it didn’t seems to be so much. She put back the katana which she didn’t need and picked up the flashlight and was in luck when she looked for some batteries, she combined the batteries with the flashlight then tested if it worked, yet again she were in luck it did work.
 She walked towards Steele that were at the health section of the store as he searched for medical treatment and other kind of stuff there might be useful, he looked over the rack once in a while to check if there were any zombies near the store.
Nille whispered to him “Steele, hey you” Steele turned around and looked at her, he couldn’t see much only a silhouette of her. “what is it you want?” he went back to search the rack as she answered him “look, I was really much in luck just now, I found a flashlight and batteries to it, and it work” she held onto the flashlight, with both her hands. “I hope you are right.” he said with a whispering voice, as he got up to look for zombies, as he looked at a boomer, (which were a big fat, almost round zombie, and if you shoot it, it explodes and some really disgusting puke comes out from it, which also attracts zombies, because they love that stuff) his eyes got big as he pulled Nille close to him and held his hand around her mouth “Shhhh, a boomer is passing by” he whispered to her.

After the boomer had passed the store Steele released her, as she handed him a flashlight. “I wonder if it would work though...” said Nille as she stated to think hard, Steele looked at her for short and asked her “What would work?” he stuffed his backpack with some pills and some alcohol. “You know in the zombie horror films? Where you see the zombies walking past each other, but they don’t attack?” Steele nodded and realized something “You are thinking why they don’t attack each other right?” Nille nodded “Exactly, it must be because of our scent, that we smell fresh or something, if we could disguise our scent then we might get out of this alive, but we may not be in direct contact with blood, and running around with zombies on our back won’t help, it would be way to exhausting” Steele got an idea from what Nille just said “You are thinking about having some kind of camouflage... Hmm... “ a big smiled appeared on Nille’s lips “Thanks Steele, you are a genius. We make some kind of a ‘coat’ out of the dead, we have to cover our scent with theirs of cause, and we need to open them and take out their intestines, those can we wrap around us” Steele looked the whole store through, and found a fire axe “Let’s start chopping” he said before chopping of the upper body of a corpse, he found a box of latex gloves from the rack he had searched before. He picked up 2 pairs of gloves and gave a pair to Nille, who put on the gloves immediately, he did the same, then he knelt in front of the upper body, Nille had already sliced the belly open so the intestines were almost really to be pulled out, the smell the so heavy and so disgusting that they began to cry.

After they had cut open several corpses, they looked at the back of the store to see if there should be some kind of working clothing of any kind, Nille had already earlier been extremely lucky to find that flashlight, which were a bit broken, but it still worked, the question now, was, could she really be lucky three times in a row? They found a locker with a sign above “Workers only”  it was locked, they had to find the key or break it up, and what if they don’t find the key, they have to find something to break up the door with, and that could make a lot of noise. They knew that the boomer that passed by some time ago might be around very close. All these kind of thoughts went fast through Nille’s head, she had already forgotten that they didn’t need any kind of key at all, Steele were a master at lock picking, she didn’t even dare to ask him where he had learned it anyways.

Steele knelt down, in front of the lock and started to pick the lock, the best he could, shortly after they heard a click noise, and the lock opened. “I’m just sooo, good, aren’t I?” Steele praised himself and added “ what would you do without me babe?” while he looked at her as if he was trying to hit on Nille.
She pushed him away from the locker “Yes yes, you’re strong cave man” she said with a deep stupid voice as she looked in the locker and found two boiler suits, which wasn’t actually the place you would expect them to be, she picked up the suits and threw a suit to Steele “ Catch my LOVE” she said, as she made a lot of pressure on the love part, because she tried to be as funny as him. She put on the boiler suit, it almost fit her but not around the chest, it was too big compared to her size. She looked very disappointed, Steele noticed something was wrong as he looked at her while he only had put his legs in the suit. “What is bothering you?” he said it with a low voice, but almost spoke normally, he got his hands through the sleeves of the boiler suit and zipped it from the hips and up to near his neck.
She refused to look at him, and ignored his question.
He looked at still “Don’t ignore me, Okay? Tell me why you are upset, did I do something?”  She shakes her head and finally said “ This one does not fit around here” –she pointed at the chest area, Steele looked at the from the side, he immediately noticed, that she now looked like a guy.
“Now you don’t have a problem, by getting raped by strange old or young men” he laughed a little, he saw her face and took it back. “Steele this aren’t funny.” She whined to him. “Now now.. Let’s just relax okay? We are in the middle of zombie land, and you came up with this idea as getting dressed like a zombie, so let’s do that and argue when we are out of this shit hole okay?” He held her in his arms and hugged her as he added “I don’t want to lose you to those things, you’re the only family that I have left.” She hugged him back, they both enjoyed the little moment where it was all quiet, they forgot for a second that they were in hell, soon after the moment passed and they came back to reality.
Nille looked at him and let out a confident smile “Let’s do this, we need the intestines to wrap around the boiler suits, and some kind of goo”
They went back to the chopped corpse and stole its intestines and they did that with a lot of other corpses until they were full covered in that disgusting smell “This is the worst day or my life, I would rather be covered in dog shit then this” Steele whined, his eyes were crying as well was Nille “Shut up, don’t be such a baby, this is about survival. Now let’s start to paint with some goo” Taking goo out from the corpses wouldn’t be easy, so they had to contain it in something, they found a cup, which had contained something looking like coffee, the filled it with zombie goo, just for the purpose of making them smell even worse than before.
They finally got covered in this foul stench of death, their new problem was now, that if other survivors noticed them, they might get killed on sight. “We came here for supplies so let’s find some kind of canned food and some drink, if there is anything left.” Said Nille as she walked over to some racks at left corner and found a couple of bottles with water, canned soup, canned meat, a little of everything. She stuck it all in her backpack, it had gotten heavier than before. She walked towards the door and placed her backpack onto the floor as she asked Steele “ how much space do you got in your backpack? Mine is really heavy, and I would like to pass on something to you” Steele got interested as he didn’t find anything special, Nille opened her backpack and gave Steele two bottles of water and some canned food. “Wow, we are in luck today huh? It seems not many had been around this place, this is very lucky I must say, he placed the water and the food in his backpack, it was heavier than before, but he could manage it.

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