Nille and Steeles Adventures

The Zombie apocalypse has put the world in ruins, the undead is ruling the world, while the two survivors, Nille and Steele is trying to survive this living nightmare. They try to get out of the city, will they make it?


2. Chapter 2

Steele looks around in the pharmacy as he finds and picks up a first aid kit that is laying on the desk, an adrenaline shot from the shelf, he reloads his shotgun as he say with a clam voice "It's on!"

Nille picks up a first aid kit that luckily was laying next to Steele's first aid kit, a adrenaline shot from the shelf next to where she picked up the first aid kit. They looked around in the Pharmacy for any kind of painkillers and medicine they knew of, in case they would need them or someone on their way could use them by any chance.
Steele went over to the exit sign, where there were another door, they could exit the pharmacy with this door rather now then later.

Nille turns around and looks at Steele as he is about to kick the door, she let out a sigh "Steele, why leave now? We could just rest here a little bit longer" Steele stops as he was about to kick the door in the door, he slowly turns around and looks at Nille "But…" he puts on the super sad face as he stares at her "but I want to have some action" Nille sighs "Fine, but …." she didn't finish her sentence before she heard a SLAM! She looked at Steele and was about to raise her voice "What the heck Steele, I was speaking and then you just do stuff like this, this aren't teamwork you dork!" Steele had already left the pharmacy to go outside and look for some zombies he could kill.
Nille face palmed herself and slowly left the pharmacy as she closed the door behind her, meanwhile Steele had already pumped himself up, he hold out his dual pistols, looking like a psycho from the movies as he shouted " BRING IT!!" Steele stood there waiting for zombies to come by since they are effected by sound.
Nille stood there and looked from left to right as she said "I would rather have a break then go killing zombies right after we escaped them, which reminds me I owe you one for being really stupid just now."
She hits him behind head, she realized shortly after how stupid he had looked, just now, pumping himself up like that and no zombies came even after he had made some noise. Steele looked around "where are they?" he got depressed that no zombies came around, but Nille had a blast she burst out laughing in the middle of nowhere.
Steele turned fast from depressed to furious, he putted back his dual pistols and began shouting bad words at her, but she didn't stop laughing for that reason, no something more had to happened before she would stop.

Suddenly some kind of voice came from nearby "Urrgh" and "Aarug" it made Nille and Steele stop their little fight. A Tank was nearby, and what couldn't be worse than a Tank? Nothing, absolutely nothing was worse than a Tank.
Nille looked at Steele whom was ready to just run for his life, "Hey, let's go back into the pharmacy okay?" Steele nodded as Nille grabbed the door, it just fell and hit the ground with a lot of noise, enough to give them away.
The Tank let out a big roar, as a horde of zombies approached the pharmacy, Nille and Steele screamed "Oh my god!" which didn't make their situation better, they began to run.

The Tank heard their scream and ran towards them, Steele grabbed his Bile Bomb, he stopped and turned around for a second to aim at the tank, then she threw it, and it hit the tank, you could smell the stench of bile from around 49ft, the zombies went all crazy about that stuff, but it was also very rare to find it. The zombies that chased Nille and Steele ran instead towards the tank, as they tried to eat parts of him, he shove some off with his big massive arms, that looked like he had been using steroids before he turned undead. One hit with those massive arms and you would be sure to die.

Nille turned around a few feet’s away from Steele, as she took out her assault rifle and began shoot the tank, it was either down with that big guy or down with themselves. Steele took out his shotgun and fired of some rounds, the adrenaline pumped in both of them as the aimed for the tanks head, which was really small compared to his massive body.
"It would be better if we had a sniper!" Nille shouted as she had almost fired a whole mag.
"You don't think I know that?" Steele shouted back at her.

They kept firing but it didn't seem to help very much at first. "Cover me, I'm going in" Steele shouted as he stopped shooting as he ran towards the tank, which were pissed off very much by the zombies attacking him. "Are you going for a death sentence you idiot!?" Nille shouted to him as she aimed for the zombies that began to be attracted to Steele instead of the tank. "Trust me on this one!" Steele shouted as he stood right in front of the tank, it looked at him, and started to rage, it raised its massive arms like a giant gorilla, Steele kept clam as he aimed with his shotgun, the aim had to be perfect or else he could say goodbye to this life.
As the tank was about to jams its massive arms towards him, he had a perfect view of the tanks face, he fired one shot, as his head exploded, and the rest of the body felt towards the ground, Steele ran away from the massive dead body that was about to hit the ground with a big "SLAM!"
Steele then turned around to be sure that the tank was dead, meanwhile Nille still kept covering Steele as she shouted to him, "Its dead, now let's get the hell out of here, only more zombies will arrive because of the gunshots!" A Smoke came from behind, he spitted out his tongue and it wrapped around Nille's body, as he slowly pulled her back towards him. She screamed "Steele! Help me! Smoker got me!" Steele turned around with fire in his eyes as he pointed at the smoker "Hey you! Yeah you let her go!" Steele took aim with his shotgun and fired a bullet, and it penetrated the smokers tongue so it fell off, the smoker started to run off since its only weapon got torn off. Steele ran after it as he still shouts "Get back here I'm not done with you!"
As he finally killed the smoke her turned around to run back to help Nille.
She ran towards with while shooting random shots at the infected, that wouldn’t help killing them, since you have to shoot them in the head. She ran out of bullets. "No! I'm all out" she thought as she ran towards where Steele killed the smoker, since smoke came from the area, it was not original black smoke but green smoke, and it smelled so disgusting.

As she turned around the corner she met Steele, she looked at him and smiled, since he hadn't been hurt, but the sound of zombies coming their way wasn't a good sign, as well as the Hunter that lured in the shadows, was ready to pounce it’s pray, like a cat sitting and waiting for a mouse.
Steele took Nille's hand for a short time "We better get going." he said, as he just took a few steps away from her, letting her hand go, he was now in the position of a hunter attack. "Steele, we need to hide, we can't keep running like this, on the streets where there lurks infected everywhere." Nille was concerned but still aware of the sound of infected coming their way.

Suddenly they both heard a scream, not a human scream but the scream of an attacking hunter, they couldn't exactly pin point where it came from, since the city was dark. The next that happened was Steele getting forced to the ground with a hunter on top of him, he screamed " GET THAT OFF ME ! GET IT OFF!" He tried to defend himself but there weren't much he could do, Nille noticed that he was in trouble and rushed over to his rescue, she pushed off the hunter, pulled out her katana and cut off its head.

She looked at the hunters body just lying there on the ground, she kicked it once "Don't mess with my big brother, you trash"
She swung the katana once to get most of the infected blood off it when that was done she put back her katana as she walked over to Steele, she reached out her hand to him "Isn't it my turn to return the favour?" She smiled at him, he grabbed her hand as she helped him onto his feet's again "Thanks" he said quietly. They both couldn't hear the horde that was approaching them for a few seconds ago. "Steele, we better go look for some supplies, or at least a place to stay for now, I know it is dangerous, but we might not survive much longer, I'm completely out of ammo." Said Nille concerned with a low voice that was almost whispering. Steele agreed with her "Yeah… I suppose you are right."

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