Nille and Steeles Adventures

The Zombie apocalypse has put the world in ruins, the undead is ruling the world, while the two survivors, Nille and Steele is trying to survive this living nightmare. They try to get out of the city, will they make it?


1. Chapter 1

In the middle of the day, two young people rushes into a pharmacy as they slam the door behind them, as they try to barricade it with a shelf that is next to the door. Someone is hitting and pounding on the door really heavily as the girl tries to keep the door shut. The male pushes the shelf up to  the door. They both hold tight onto the shelf as the slamming in the door hasn't stopped, the both of them hope that the shelf is heavy enough to hold the horde back from breaking in to the pharmacy.

 After a while the horde began to stop pounding and hitting on the door, the two young people are still pushing the shelf up against the door as hard they can to keep the horde from breaking in, they are realizing that the horde has stopped pounding on the door. They look at each other with a relived smile on their faces as they sit down on the floor, to rest for a little while knowing that they will have to be on the run again soon enough.

 "I can't believe we made it again," said the girl smiling as she breathed heavily, she is wearing a purple hoodie, a blue pair of jeans and a pair of vans, her hair is short and brown, her skin a little pale and her eyes teal, she held a stealth katana in her belt, as she had an M4 Assult rifle on her back almost without any bullets left, she has stealth dual pistols around her lap.

The guy smiled back as he breathed heavily saying to her "Yes, indeed. It's been a long time since the dead started walking, and yet we are still alive." The guy gets up from the floor as he stood there, in his white t-shirt, blue jeans that was cut open around the knee long time ago, he is wearing a blue hat, having short dark brown hair that almost is hidden by the hat, wearing a pair of sneakers, his skin is normal colored as his eyes are green, he has a shotgun on his back witch didn't hat meny shells left,he has stealth dual pistols around his lap, he had a little transparent container on him, which contained some green liquid, they called it BileBomb. He turned around asking as he reached out his hand, "Hey Nille, need a hand getting up?"

She looked at his hand and then up to his face, as a smile appeared on her lips she grabbed his hand she said, "Thanks Steele!" he helped her up from the floor.

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