death trap

hailey and danica win 1D tickets and go to meet them but are just walking into a trap!!


2. camp out

Hailey and danica are talking to 3 friends they just met jordan,kylie,and skylar.

Lets play truth or dare said jordan.They all agree to play.umm Hailey truth or dare asked jordan. I pick dare. okay i dare you to scream top of your lungs I love louis tomilsion!!! okay thats easy.I LOVE LOUIS TOMLISION!! Why thank you a britsh voice says.They all turn around to find louis niall and liam!! we just wanted to say thank you for coming to our concert and sleeping out here waiting to see us! Louis keeps stareing at Hailey!!!!!! What are your names! Hailey,danica,jordan,kylie and skylar!! cool, Hailey can i talk to you for a minuet says louis! sure. Would you and one of your friends like to have back stage pass's for after the concert tommerow nite? Omg yes thank you soo much! Okay we have to go now see you tommerow,Bye.

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