None Like Me

Bella, 19, was selected as One Direction's new clothes stylist. How good would it be to go on tour with the worlds biggest boy band! Right? Not if one of the boys has a problem with you then there must be trouble.


9. Chapter 9

Harry and I gathered the food from the vending machine. Everything being a little awkward. But doesn't everything with Harry seem to be awkward? Yes, maybe. At least I think so.

Harry carried the food and I just held doors open for him. Every Time I opened a door for him he would give me a, 'thanks babe' and wink at me. Obviously just to piss me off. He did a good job at it I must say because every time I would roll my eyes and tell him to shut up. He would just smile at me with a proud smirk on his face. 

We made it back to the room without me pulling his hair out and everyone was mostly silent when we entered. 

Louis nudged Eleanor and gave her a nod she then looked over to us and smiled. 

"We, ah, got some food." Niall came running over as in he only needed that approval to come and get some. Harry gave everyone the food and I went and sat next to El on the couch. 

"How was your stroll?" Eleanor asked trying to tease me.

"Shit." I mocked her tone with a little ring to it.

"You two would actually be perfect together!" Eleanor told me as if I couldn't see something that was right in front of my face.

"We actually wouldn't." I replied. 

"You always have something to say. Did you ever get in trouble in school for back chatting?" Eleanor laughed.

"Multiple times." I joked. I hadn't even noticed that Harry was sitting on the couch opposite us with Louis talking about something that made Harry's eyebrows furrow.

I turn my attention back to Eleanor and said to her quietly so Harry can't hear, "I don't really know much about Harry but is he, I don't know. Is he a little bit of a player?" I don't really know much about harry because he has kind of ignored me and treated me terribly for the past couple of months. I add, "Does he flirt with heaps of girls?"

Eleanor thinks for half a second then says, "Harry does have a reputation out of the band for being the one 'flirting' with heaps of girls. But there are so many rumours. Ya know, Harry is a great guy. He can be extremely cocky sometimes but he has a huge heart." 

Could she be right? Does Harry actually have a big heart underneath all that? Nah. Breaking someones arm isn't exactly romantic if he claims he likes me.

I sighed and closed my eyes leaning my head back slightly on the couch. I am so tired.

I only get to close my eyes for a few seconds until Paul comes into the room and says to everyone, "No VIP tonight you are all free to go back." There were a few cheers and we all made our way out of the building to the awaiting vans. 

Not very often do we get that after the show so that was pretty lucky.

Being the injured one i was allowed to be the first to jump into the car. I climbed into the middle section of the black van and was sitting on the window seat. Everyone spread out throughout the two vans. I sighed as I looked across and noticed Harry was sitting next to me. Of course he would. 

I tried to manoeuvre my good arm around and grab the seat belt but as many times as I tried I couldn't get it. I sighed frustratingly as I looked to see Harry watching me. 

"Here, let me." I gave up and let Harry do it for me. He leaned over to grab the seat belt around my body. His arm touched my boob as he reached over to grab it. I could feel myself blushing as Harry's arm was brushing against it. His face was inches from mine and I could see the smirk on his face and it was obvious he was trying to touch it on purpose. 

"Hurry up." I whispered. He gave a small chuckle and I could feel it on my chin from his breath. 

He finally grabbed the seat belt and pulled it around my body. He rested his hand on my thigh and I flinched trying to get him away. 

"I'm just trying to put your seatbelt on Bella." I let him continue as he purposely fumbled with the belt not being able to put it in the hole. He kept moving the belt around missing the hole. I must admit I was starting to like it for a second but I just didn't want people to be looking.

"Harry it's not that fricken hard." He could see him smile and continue to miss purposely.  He moved his hand closer to my inner thigh and started moving it in slow circular motions. I was wearing a skirt and tights so luckily he was staying on top of my skirt because he would get a cast to his face if he doesn't hurry up soon. 

Soon enough I got quite fed up with his childish behaviour and grabbed the belt with my good arm and clicked it in. 

Harry gave a small laugh and a toothy grin. You couldn't see everything in the van because it was dark outside but we were also in the city so the city lights shone into the van.

"Thanks babe." Harry said slowly. 

He stayed close and kept his hand on my thigh but it stayed still. Harry picked up my arm in the cast very carefully and slowly with his free hand. He rested it on his lap and slowly started to stroke my fingers and play softly with them. I didn't protest because I have to admit I did actually like it. A little.

The car wasn't too loud. Everyone was pretty bummed and you could just see a few lights from phone shining on peoples faces and a few people were talking. 

So he played with my fingers and kept his hand on my thigh. I could have told him to stop but I was too tired. 

I gave a small yawn and Harry leaned a little closer and said trying to be seductive in my ear, "You can lean on my shoulder, Bella." He pronounced my name in his clear British accent slowly.

Not thinking, I leaned my head onto his shoulder and snuggled into his neck only a little. Harry has always smelled amazing. Even just being a 20 meters away you would know that that's Harry's smell. Even after a 2 hour concert when he is a little sweaty. 

A few minutes later I started to think it wasn't such a great idea. Harry's hand slowly travelled down a little lower to the hem of my skirt and played with that with his fingers. But eventually we arrived back at the hotel. Everyone climbed out and unenthusiastically made our way up to the rooms. No one really said anything to me and Harry because we were walking together but no one really said anything at all. I wouldn't even let Harry hold my hand. 

We were in the elevator and I ask, "Niall, did you order the pizza?" 

"No. Liam wouldn't let me order it." Niall said pretending to be upset.

"Remember what happened last time Niall?" Liam asked him laughing at the time that Niall ordered 30 large pizza because he thought we could keep some in the fridge. "I've ordered them and there will be plenty." Liam finished and I gave him a smile.

We made it to the floor. The boys were buzzing from the show but everyone was tired but we all had heaps of energy but no one wanted to go out to the party so we all sat down on the couches and went to decide on a movie.

Harry practically followed me closely just so he could sit next to me. 

I am so clueless on what I want. He is extremely irresistible but I just can't let him get to me. Or have I already?

Louis put on The Inbetweeners and not long after the pizza arrived. We had a little feast while watching the movie until everyone was stuffed. 

As soon as everyone -not including Niall- had stopped eating the lights were turned off. I felt Harry's arm snake around my waist and pull me closer into him. For the first time in a long time, I just let myself fall and I snuggled into him. Even after all he has done to me, I don't know why but I feel safe being in his hold.

I snuggled into his chest enjoying the rising and falling of his chest as he inhaled and exhaled a breath. I couldn't tell but I think he kissed my hair or just smelled it and he held me around the waist with both arms. 

No one noticed, but this time I didn't care if anyone noticed us.

I was still stuck in that bubble called confusion and what do I do? 

I will find out one day. My heart will lead me and until then, I will discover what is right for me and what I want.





I am so so so so so sorry I haven't updated in SO long! I actually feel terrible. I have been so busy with sports and homework and then last weekend I dislocated my knee in netball so I can't really walk and then yeah everything is just so full on and i was like i HAVE to update tonight even though its 1am. haha. anyways im not going to bore you anymore but pleeeeeease leave comment below i love reading them oh and please like and fav!(:

thank you and sorry 



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