None Like Me

Bella, 19, was selected as One Direction's new clothes stylist. How good would it be to go on tour with the worlds biggest boy band! Right? Not if one of the boys has a problem with you then there must be trouble.


8. Chapter 8

*A few hours later*

I sat in the dressing room on the couches with El. She was on her laptop doing I'm not sure what as I lay here on another couch dozing off every now and then. I am so exhausted from everything. Every now and then my arm would throb with pain and I would try and move into a more comfortable position but I couldn't exactly find a good one. 

Harry was a lot more cheery today, it was weird. I'm 110% sure that it was from when we kissed this morning. I regret that a lot though. How could I be so weak? I just let him kiss me after all he has done to me. I am no way forgiving him that easy. Or have I already forgiven him when I went with my heart and kissed him back? I don't know but my head is starting to hurt from over thinking. 

I could hear the loud music of the boys singing and the fans screaming.

"Coffee?' Eleanor asks standing up.

"Hot chocolate please." I said not opening my eyes. I heard Eleanor walk over to the small kitchen and boil the kettle and pour the milk for my hot chocolate.

I closed my eyes and hummed the tuned to "Over Again" as the tune reached everywhere in the arena.

It came to Harry's solo and I stopped humming.

Can we take the same road two days in the same clothes.

And I know just what she'll say if I make all this pain go

Can we stop this for a minute

You know, I can tell that your heart isn't in it or with it

I sighed and tried to block out all the noises. I have so many mixed up feelings with Harry. No, I need to stop thinking because I always over think things. I should just settle down and whatever happens, happens. Arghh.

A few minutes later Eleanor comes over with my hot chocolate. 

I sit up on the couch and give her a thankful smile as she passes it to me and then sits on the couch next to me.

"Sooo..." I say with a hint of laughter in my voice.

"Harry was acting a little strange today." Eleanor says raising her eyebrow looking at me.

"He was probably just so tired that he didn't feel tired and that gave him energy which made him feel happy." I take a sip out of my mug looking ahead and avoiding eye contact.

"You are so lying. I can tell when you're lying." Eleanor says building up energy and excitement. 

"Nothing has happened." I say bluntly.

"You have to tell me now." Eleanor said seriously. Was there any way of getting out of this? Not with Eleanor.

"He kissed me..." I said quietly taking another sip not looking at her. 

"He what?!" Eleanor yelled nearly spilling her coffee. 

"Shhhh! It was nothing." I say quickly. 

"Wait did you kiss him back? You better have!" Eleanor was getting way too excited. 

"A little." I giggled.

"Oh I can't wait to tell Louis." Eleanor said shaking her head.

"No! You cannot tell him." I said defending myself. The last thing I want is people knowing because then they will know what I want better than myself. I just want to wait and see what happens.

"Fine... Do you like him? Even after all that... you know." She said the last bit pointing to my arm and saying it quietly.

I sighed and thought about it. All I have been doing all day is think and thinking, over and over. I rolled my head and looked at her. "I have no idea."

I just wanted to cry and go back to be a 10 year old girl living on a small hobby farm in Australia. Everything was so much easier then.

"Give it time." Eleanor suggested. 

"Yeah." I sighed and took another sip of my warm hot chocolate. 

Although its not winter, early spring can still be pretty cold. 

"Oh I have to show you this jumpsuit I found on that website you suggested!" Eleanor said placing her coffee on the table in front of us and jumping up to run and get her laptop.

She shows me it and I say, "That is so prettyl!" 

"I know right. I also found this really cute one for you." She showed me the sweater and I really liked it.

"Let's buy them!" I said and Eleanor giggled.

We bought the clothes and then looked at more on her laptop. 

Not long after the noise of the crowd died down a little and the boys came running into the room with heaps of energy. Bringing up the noise levels a lot more than what it was with just me and Eleanor. 

"Bella is on food and drinks... Oh wait no she has a broken arm." Niall said. 

"She can do it and Harry can help her." Louis said proudly. I gave him a glare and he winked at me. 

Food and drinks is a little roster Niall made up where people have to go get junk food and drinks from the vending machines out in the hall. It's what we do when they boys don't want to eat the very healthy fruit and water that is supplied for them in the main dressing room backstage.

I walked out the door slowly, Harry next to me. We were left alone in the halls walking around trying to find the nearest vending machine. At first it was very awkward.

"Good show?" I asked not really interested but just trying to make conversation. 

"Yep." Harry replied slowly. We walked a few more paces until Harry started talking, "So, um... About the, uh, kiss this morning." Harry said and didn't really finish.

"Yeah?" I asked normally but not really wanting to go into this conversation.

"Did that mean anything to you?" He really caught me by surprise that I nearly tripped over my own foot but managed to not hurt my already broken arm or make it look like anything happened. 

I sighed and tried to think of what to say. 

"I get it." Harry said probably thinking that he looks like an idiot but he doesn't. 

"No, Harry, it's just that... I'm so confused. It's not your fault it's mine. I don't know..." I sighed. 

"Maybe if we kiss again you might know what you want." Harry stopped and said smirking. Who does he think he is? He always just thinks that he can get everything he wants. It's so frustrating. No this time I wasn't going to let him be greedy, he can fight for what he wants if it really means that much to him. I calmed myself down and went back to being careless. But I am really not very careless at all.

"No thanks." I smiled sarcastically and his smile dropped. He continued to walk with me, very little conversation was spread as I tried to think of what he was thinking, but could never come to a conclusion. 

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