None Like Me

Bella, 19, was selected as One Direction's new clothes stylist. How good would it be to go on tour with the worlds biggest boy band! Right? Not if one of the boys has a problem with you then there must be trouble.


6. Chapter 6


"No." She barely whispered. 


She said no. I just let out my heart to her and she said no. This is so humiliating. No one should embarrass me like this. This actually hurts. I hurt her so bad and I was a jerk and the only thing I need to make me feel a little better is to know that maybe she could try to trust me. But now I feel even more like shit. 

I sit there awkwardly not knowing what to say or do. I look over at Bella and she seems pretty much the same. I should have seen this coming, how could I be so stupid! I could never deserve a girl as beautiful as Bella. What the hell! Why am I just giving in so easy all of a sudden?

I get up off the bed and start to make my way to the door getting not very far when I hear a knock on the door. I look at Bella and she is looking at the door confused. 

"Bella?" I hear Louis voice from the other said of the door. Shit, if he sees me in here with Bella he is going to kill me. 

"Yeah, Louis?" Bella asks back.

"Is everything alright in there? I hear voices and I can see your lights on from under the door. Is there anyone in there with you Bella?" Louis asks. Louis has always been protective over Bella. Something I've always been jealous of him for. Louis and I are best mates. When he hit me that was his protective side over Bella. I don't even know why he is protective over her. Unless she told Eleanor something and Eleanor told Bella... 

I start to see the door handle turn a little and I am frozen in my tracks. What can I do? There is nowhere to hide and even if I did hide he would probably find me and that would be so childish of me.

"Louis its fine, you should go back to bed." Bella said trying to make Louis not come in here. Louis knows I'm here. He probably checked my bed before he came. I did leave my door open.

Louis pushes the door open softly trying not to upset Bella. I stand there holding my ground while he does to. We both look at each other.

"Get out." Louis points to me trying to stay calm.

"Louis it's really nothing." Bella says smiling. I look at Bella finding it really hard to pull my eyes away from hers. She is so Goddamn beautiful. There is just something about her that makes me want to run over there and kiss her until I pass out from oxygen loss. But unfortunately I can't. With all my might I pull my eyes away from hers and head to the door. 

I walk out, Louis following me and closing the door behind us, leaving us in the hallway and Bella in her room. I hope she is okay and can lie back down by herself. Hopefully she can get back to sleep, I feel horrible.

"You like her don't you?" Louis asks me. I nod slowly look at the ground leaning my back against the wall. 

"And you feel terrible don't you?" He asks again. 

"Louis you know I didn't mean to. I am so fucking stupid. I've stuffed up all chances I will ever have. I don't think there was even a chance to stuff up, I just screwed up everything." I said angry at myself. I'm so glad Louis doesn't know about how when I pushed her up against the wall backstage at the concert. Because he would probably kill me, breaking her arm was way too far. 

I don't even know what I was thinking when I pushed her backstage at the concert. I think I was just frustrated. If only I could have her. I just want to call her mine.

"It’s ok Haz. I think I'm the only one who picked up on the vibe that you broke her arm." He said and I looked up at him.

"Was there a vibe?" I asked frowning.

"I know you well, Harry. Everyone else just thought that she was clumsy." Louis said with the tiniest smile on his face. "I'm sorry for hitting you too." He added.

"Don't worry about it, I deserved it." I said looking back at the ground again. "Anyway I'm going to go get some sleep its 5am. Night Lou." I said walking back to my room. 

"Night good, Harry!" Louis called out to me and I gave a small laugh before closing my door and lying back in bed getting no sleep at all. I just stare at the ceiling thinking about everything until my head starts hurting. 



I wake up from a deep dream. I was surprised I even get to sleep last night after Harry left. I could hear him and Louis talking outside my door but I was too tired to process and listen closely enough to what they were saying. I think I dozed off to their voices.

I look at the clock on the bedside table next to me which read 12pm in big red bright lights.

There is a knock on the door and I yell, "Come in."

Eleanor pops her head around the door smiling and I give her a good morning. "Sorry did I wake you?" She asks.

"Nah I was just about to get up." I say swinging my legs around and sitting up on the bed.

"You're a pro!" Eleanor joked and I give her a small laugh.

Eleanor picked me out an outfit. I put the clothes she got me. Struggling a little but I managed pretty well. It was a loose red 3/4 sleeve shirt that just reached about my cast and a blue skirt. It looked cute. 

We walked out together and went to go get breakfast back in the main kitchen. Harry was sitting with Louis and Niall on the couch talking about something. He had a frown on his face, none of them looking over at us as we walk over to the kitchen area. I sit down on a stool at the bench and Eleanor walks around the other side of the island.

"What would you like?" Eleanor said bubbly.

"Nothing special. Just some toast or cereal. I don't mind." I rested my broken arm on the bench in front of me as Eleanor made me some toast. The boys across the room broke away and Niall came and sat next to me on a stool. Louis went and helped Eleanor, cuddling her in the kitchen and Harry stayed on the couch, watching Niall closely.

I turned to Niall and smiled, "Hi Niall." 

"Can I sign your cast?" He asked getting excited.

"YEAH CAN I SIGN IT TOO?" Louis turned around with a huge smile on his face.

"Woah don't you boys get sick of singing stuff?" I laughed.

"Not for your sweetheart, I'll go get some markers!" Niall said running off to his room. I looked back at Louis and he gave me a wink.

"What?" I laughed holding out my good arm.

"Nothing." Louis said pleased and I gave him a fake angry look.

Niall came running back. I laid out my arm on the table for them to start their creative drawings on my hand.

"Nothing inappropriate!" I pointed out.

"Try and stop us." Louis joked.

The boys continued to draw on my arm cast and write things. There were a few penis drawings, some with Harry's names written next to it. I don't see why though.

"Hey Harry come join in!" Niall yelled over to Harry.

"Nah I'm fine thanks." Harry said back.

"Harry come on! I'm sure you could be better than these two. Like Louis what the hell is that?" I laughed as I pointed to something that looked like teeth.

"That's a car!" 

"Ohh." I said still not seeing how that looked like a car. Eleanor walked over with some toast. She put it on the table in front of me and I thanked her before she went to go cook something else.

Harry came over a grabbed a pen next to Niall. He drew a picture on the inside of my arm. Once he moved his hand away I looked at what he had drawn. It was a picture of two people holding hands and his signature next to it. Louis and Niall didn't notice anything was happening as they were so engaged in their own conversation. 

I looked up at Harry. He looked like he hadn't slept in years. I doubt he even got any at all last night. I'm surprised I did. His eyes which were usually a bright green looked dull and colourless and he had barely visible black circles around his eyes.

He gave me a weak smile before leaving the room, my eyes following him until he was out of sight.

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