None Like Me

Bella, 19, was selected as One Direction's new clothes stylist. How good would it be to go on tour with the worlds biggest boy band! Right? Not if one of the boys has a problem with you then there must be trouble.


4. Chapter 4

- 9 pm next night - 

Not much happened today. Harry ignored me a heap and when he was with just me trying on clothes or something he would just be super quiet and do as he was told. It was kind of good because there were no dramas, but it was weird. It was better than his aggressive state I saw him in yesterday.

We were all sitting on the big couches in the main living room.

Paul comes over to us all and says, "The crew is going out tonight, not to the same place as you guys though."

"I'm staying back here." I told him.

"Great, you can stay back here with Harry." Paul said looking at me. I looked at Harry and he had his mouth wide open. "Harry you are getting a sore throat, there is no way I'm letting you go out tonight. You are staying here with Bella." 

"What?! That's bullshit!" Harry protested looking at me.

"I'm not that bad am I Harry?" I say causing Niall next to me to giggle.

"What's wrong with Bella?" Niall asked Harry.

"Yeah why are you so upset about that Haz?" Luke from 5SOS joins in asking Harry. This is getting awkward. 

"Harry don't argue with me. You'll hurt your vocal cords." Paul jokes with that last bit and I laugh a little and he walks away.

"Harry seriously, it’s one night." I say to him.

"Yeah Harry, why don't you want to spend a night with Bella. She's a pretty girl you know." Louis says to Harry making me laugh and Harry screw up his face.

"He’s just being rude. Aren't you Harry?" Louis says again.

Harry gets out his phone and texts someone. I pray to God he is not trying to set something up for tonight because if he gets people here or goes out I am going to be so angry at him because that will be so annoying.

Louis’ phone dings giving him a notification to say he has a message. He gets his phone out and reads it.

"Oh look a message from Harry. It says, 'I can't talk I don't want to get a sore throat.' Well that's pathetic." Louis reads from his phone and we all laugh at the last part. Everything settles down and we finish off the end of the movie. Harry staring at me most of the time but I didn't look his way. 

The movie finished and everyone went to their rooms to get ready, Eleanor stopped and had a small chat to me as everyone went and got ready, her following soon after. Harry and I sat and watched more TV while everyone left within half an hour to go to the club.

"Yay." I said sarcastically as soon as everyone left the door, leaving just me and Harry alone. 

He glared at me and said, "You can watch your stupid game and I'll be in my room." He said not leaving the couch.

"You can watch it with me, it’s entertaining." I smiled probably annoying him. I love annoying him and speaking to him in a weird tone because he just gets so pissed off.

It’s actually kind of funny. I amuse myself by doing it. Except for when he's really angry, like yesterday. That was pretty intimidating I must admit.

"No thanks." Harry said sassily, getting off the couch and leaving to go to his room.

He is a jerk and a half. Well to me he is and I don't like him.

The football game doesn't start for about another 10 minutes. Usually in Australia it would be at about 7pm but this airing at a different time because it is not live. But I am so excited to watch it.

I flick onto the channel that the footy will be playing on and watch the opening interviews and commentators talk about how they think the game will go.

I lay down snuggling into a fluffy blanket and eating some chips enjoying the game. Enjoying the fact that Harry is not around.


Before half time I am up on my feet jumping around the main living room. The scores are nearly equal but my team is up by a few goals. This is what they call an exciting game. I'm yelling at the screen and cheering. I don't really care if Harry hears me, he probably can’t with his door closed. 

My team scores a goal increasing the score by another 6 points just before the buzzer goes indicating its half time. I yelp with joy and really need to go to the toilet from all the excitement.

I sprint down the passage way to the toilet passing some of the bedrooms. I see Harry's door is open and as I'm running passed he bumps into me. The speed I was running made us bump pretty hard.

"What the fuck?!" Harry yells and shoves me to the ground.

My body falls and I try to stop myself from injury by putting my hands down in front of me. My hands didn't quite make it in time and my wrist smashes against the hard tiles. Pain shoots through my body from my wrist and I whimper from the pain and fear. I push myself with my feet over to the wall and sit with my back against it. I use my other arm to support and hold the other up.

I close my arms tightly and gasp for air as I became really overheated from the uncomfortableness and pain. Trying not to cry or make too loud of noises I wince as I shift into a new position slightly.

I look up pain still shooting through my body and my arm throbbing. Harry is standing above me with his hands covering his face and he runs his fingers through his hair.

"Harry," I whisper and he looks softly at me. He looks so upset, maybe even on the verge of crying. 

I can't believe he would do this to me.

"I-I think it's b-broken." I sob letting the tears fall down as I lower my head not looking at him. I bring me knees to my chest and still support my injured wrist with my other arm.

Harry kneels down beside me and places a hand gently on my knee. "It's going to be okay. I am so sorry." He says with a sniffle. He runs into his room across the hall and grabs his pillow. He places it gently under my arm and a wince a little with the movement. "Come on, I'll take you to the hospital." He says with a lot of guilt and sorrow in his voice.

Harry helps me get up with a few sobs escaping my mouth and I try and not show my pain. The saddest thing is, he pushed me. He pushed me hard to the ground and is causing this.

Harry helped me walk to the main room. He grabs his keys and we make our way to the lift. I keep his pillow under me and the bedding is soft on my throbbing arm. 

I have never broken an arm before. I guess I'm lucky because when I was younger I would spend days climbing trees and hay stacks and riding motor bikes as a kid on my Nanna's farm. I miss her farm, she still has it. When I visit Australia I hope I can go there. 

We make it into the lift and Harry presses the button then comes over and helps support me. It's kind of awkward because of how he was acting towards me and now that he is actually helping me since he hurt me.

I just pray to God that we do not get seen by any fans or paparazzi. 

"I am so sorry." Harry repeated upset.

"Harry, it's okay I'll live, it's just my arm and we don't even know for sure that it's broken yet." I assured him trying to make him feel a little better but it clearly wasn't working. 


After sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours and then having to wait another hour for my x-rays the doctor finally comes back into the room. I was no longer sobbing or wincing but there was still a lot pain in my arm.

Things were pretty tense between Harry and me. I don't really want to make him feel any worse than what he already does. But he should feel bad. He treated me like shit for ages and then breaks my arm!

"Yep that's definitely a clear break on your left wrist. We will get you some plaster and that should hopefully be off in 6-7 weeks." The doctor informed Harry and I. Harry ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

"Thanks." I said to the doctor. I wasn't thanking him for telling me I have a broken wrist. I would much rather him say it's just sprained I only need to rest it for a week or two. But instead I have heavy annoying plaster on my arm. This should be a great accessory for tour.

"So how did you say you did it again?" The doctor asks holding a clipboard and pen.

"I was running down the tiles in bed socks and slipped over." I said faking a small laugh.

I look at Harry and he is staring at me with sad eyes. He mouths me a thank you and I turn my attention back to the doctor who finished writing down what I said. 

"I just have a few details I need to fill in." He doctor says finding his page and looking at the clipboard. He goes through a few of the usual questions; name, date of birth, insurance company and it got me when he asked me this question, "Relation to the person you came with?"

"Oh no he isn't my brother." I tell the doctor.

"Is he your boyfriend?" The doctor asked.

"No!" I say quickly earning a glare from Harry. "He is just a friend, I work with him." 

"Ohh yes, I know who you are. You're in that boy band my daughter loves." The doctor says to Harry.

"That's me." Harry smiled trying not to be sulky and rude.

"Sorry, was he just a work friend?" The doctor asks clarifying with me.

"Yes." I say a little annoyed that the doctor just forgot about what he was doing and focused on Harry. 

"I'll be back soon and you can get your cast on." The doctor says and then exits the room.

"What’s the time?" I turn to Harry and ask. They put me on a bed and my arm is resting more comfortable as I lay here. 

"Just past 1am. Sorry you couldn't watch your game." Harry apologized for nearly the hundredth time tonight.

"Harry stop apologizing, I'm fine." I told him. 

"No you're not, this is my entire fault." Harry said annoyed.

"It's only my wrist Harry, seriously." I say. There are so much worse things that could happen in life, I'm lucky it wasn't something worse. I could have hit my head against those hard tiles. 

"I really am a dickhead though." Harry said to me, looking straight into my eyes. I must admit he does have nice eyes. But now is really not the time to be thinking about the eyes.

"Yeah, yeah you are." I whispered and turned around so I laid down fully on the bed. I rested my head back and closed my eyes, trying to relax.

As soon as I settled down a little the doctor walks into the room. "Hey, I'm back!" He says not very quietly.

"You sure are." I say quietly to myself as I try to sit up. Harry puts his hand on my lower back and helps me up. I give him a small thankful smile and turn my attention back to the doctor who was getting the materials ready. 

Here we go; this is going to be my fashionable accessory for the next few weeks. Being a clothes stylist and working in fashion, I was thinking I looked terrible coming in with a pair of grey baggy track pants and a knit jumper but now I have a cast and casts do not look good with anything. You can't wear them with dresses and it's hard to get jumpers over them. This is going to be terrible.


The cast was on in less than half an hour and the doctor said it could take up to 24 for the plaster to set properly. 

"You should get x-rays in a week’s time to see if the bone is starting to heal and repair itself. The x-rays can just be done through the cast." The doctor informs us.

"Thank you very much." I say to the doctor for helping us out tonight. I say getting myself off the bed with Harry's help.

"No worry. If you have any problems just come in and see me." He smiles. "Oh and here's a sling, you can wear this. Remember to take some pain killers or pain reliefs if it’s hurting badly. You'll be fine." The doctor said to us as we walked through the corridors of the hospital. 

"I should be fine." I said. At the end of the day, it's only a broken arm.

"Yes you'll be good with the beautiful young lad to take care of you!" The doctor said patting Harry's back and winking at me. I rolled my eyes and the doctor chuckled. We made it to the main reception and we had a few forms to fill out about my medical details. I let Harry do that and I told him what to write.

By the time we were out of there it was 2:30am and I was exhausted.

The car ride back was mainly silent. Pretty much how it has been between Harry and I the whole night. There has been a little bit of small talk and I'm trying not to be too harsh on Harry. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson.

I look at Harry and he was frowning and looking over the steering wheel. "Why did you do it?" I ask him softly breaking the silence.

"Do what?" He asks confused still looking at the road ahead. 

"Get angry yesterday. Harry it happened twice yesterday." 

"Please I don't want to talk about it." Harry said annoyed.


"Shut up, I'm tired and I don't want to talk about it. Stop being such an annoying little bitch." Harry almost yelled. He is really frustrated. 

I have that feeling again. That feeling of fear. I'm scared of Harry. I swear he has anger issues and needs to take them out on me.

It's always been one of my qualities to stand up for what I believe in. In the inside I am petrified, but on the outside I try to show no weakness, unfortunately I do though. 

"You got me into this mess! If you weren't such a dick and had to push me into the ground maybe we wouldn't be here right now.” I fought back.

This shut Harry up. Nothing but silence filled the car after I shut my mouth. I couldn't even look at Harry. I can't believe he said that to me after everything he has done. 

Finally after about 5 more minutes of painful silence we reached the hotel and drove into the car park the back way to avoid getting seen. I think the chances that we have already got seen is pretty high. 

I got out of the car and made my way to the elevator not even waiting for Harry or wanting to walk near him. 

"Do we just pretend nothing happened?" Harry asked catching up to me and walking by my side.

'Yeah let’s just sneak in there and make sure no one sees my arm for the next 6 weeks, Harry." I said pissed off. Probably wasn't the best thing to say but I don't really care at the moment. Harry groaned with frustration and ran his fingers through his hair.

The elevator dinged and we reached the top where our floor is. I gave Harry a weak smile and followed him out. Harry exhaled deeply and wiped his hand on his pants before opening the door. We walked in and everyone was standing there waiting for us.

"Where have yo- WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO BELLA, HARRY?!" Louis shouted angrily. I wasn't expecting this. Harry looked down and Louis started making his way over here to start a fight.

"Louis, stop." I begged stepping in front of Harry. 

"Move Bella, I deserve this." Harry said aggressively. There is no way I'm letting them fight. They are supposed to be like brothers.

I stood between both boys, their heights easily towering over me. Harry picked me up easily moving me out of the way. I squirmed in his hold and tried to stop him.

"Get off me!" I yelled. "Stop! I'm fine; there is no reason to fight!!" I kept yelling trying to get them to stop. My wrist was throbbing majorly but I didn't care about my wrist at all. Someone was going to get hurt and it was because of me. Niall grabbed me and held me so I wouldn't get away. I tried escaping him too but no one was going to let me go. 

Niall hushed in my ear and tried to calm me down but everything was no use. Louis smacked Harry square in the mouth causing Harry to tumble backwards. I turned around and snuggled my head into Niall’s chest. Sobbing every now and then and trying to hide from the scene in front of me. Everyone stood and watched and no one tried to stop the fight. What is wrong with people! 

I clutched onto Niall with my good arm and tried to not cause any more pain to my newly broken wrist. 

"It's okay, calm down." Niall whispered into my ear. I shut my eyes as tight as I could trying not to think or hear the yelling and scream that was happening behind me right now. 

"WHAT'S GOING ON IN HERE?" Paul came into the room and yelled overpowering everyone. I hung onto Niall tighter and a few stray tears fell. Niall lead me over to the couch and sat me down next to him. Eleanor came and sat next to me on the other side.

"Are you okay? What's happened?" Eleanor asked worrying about me. 

"I'm fine. It's just a broken wrist." I look over to Harry who was looking at me. Paul was yelling at Louis and Harry. Harry held a small towel covered in blood from his nose and mouth where Louis hit him. It was a pretty hard hit. "I thought they were friends?" I ask Eleanor who was shocked by cast and sling on my arm. 

"They are. Don't worry about them. They will sort things out." Eleanor assured me. 

I look at the time on the wall, 3am. I am so tired. 

"You need to tell us what happened to your arm." Niall said worrying about me too.

"I just slipped, I was wearing bed socks and it was clumsy of me." I said. I'm not going to dob Harry in. He can learn that now he needs to change and he owes me a lot. 

Niall and Eleanor didn't look convinced but they didn't argue. 

"Let's get you to bed." Eleanor said helping me up. 

"Thanks Niall." I said giving him a small smile and he gave me a nod. 

As I walk past I look at Harry who was still getting talked to by Paul. We hold an intense eye contact and I tried to give him a weak smile. I get nothing in return just a sorrow and bruised face. 

As we walk past Paul I'm 70% sure I heard him say to Harry and Louis, "We are lucky it wasn't you Harry." 

I sigh and walk up to my room with Eleanor. She helps me get ready and I thank her. Before l lying down I take some pain relief. I snuggle into bed trying to get comfortable but never getting there.

I can't sleep, tonight’s events just keeps replaying its dreadful self over and over in my head. 



A/N: Hello! I’m sorry I was so late to update. I got home from holidays today and I tried to write this chapter the best and as soon as I possibly could! I hope you like it and I hope you all had a good easter (:

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