None Like Me

Bella, 19, was selected as One Direction's new clothes stylist. How good would it be to go on tour with the worlds biggest boy band! Right? Not if one of the boys has a problem with you then there must be trouble.


2. Chapter 2

We made it back to the hotel alive. Everyone was staying on the top floor. There was a big lounge room with a TV and kitchen and then everyone's bedrooms branched off from that. We all sat on the couches watching some boring TV show, everyone looking tired and jetlagged. I sat between Eleanor and Harry.

Eleanor was on her laptop looking at clothes online and on tumblr and Louis was sitting beside her.

"Oohs that one’s really nice, it would look good with a lemon coloured jacket too." I said pointing to a beautiful white dress.

"Gosh yes, and black heels. Woah." Eleanor joined in. I giggled at her and we continued looking at pretty clothes on her laptop.

Harry was sitting next to me with his arm slightly brushing mine. The couch was pretty crowded because there were 4 on here and this one wasn’t as big as the other but I was surprised Harry hadn't shoved me off or moved away. He was probably tired. Across from me Niall was asleep on Liam’s shoulder and Zayn next to him.

"Oh my God, that one’s beautiful." Eleanor said pointing to a black dress.

"Woah, that’s amazing! I should get back into sewing I haven't done it in a long time, haha!" I said admiring the dress.

"Yes please and make me one like that." Eleanor said moving on to another photo.

"Sewing's for old ladies." Harry said quietly.

"So is golf, unless you're good. But in your case maybe not." I grinned at him with my mouth closed and he gave me a dead look. I turned my attention back to Eleanor's laptop and continued looking through the photos.

A few minutes later Paul walked in. "You have a concert here in London tonight and another one at midday tomorrow. You'll have a few interviews the following day, the next day a rest and then more concerts in London the following few days. You will not be staying at your flats you will be staying at the hotel, we are on tour. How are we all feeling?" Pauls said making it clear to everyone. It’s only been a 4 days since the tour started and already everyone is tired. "Oh and the 5SOS boys are already at the arena. You will be leaving in an hour, see you all soon!" He added to the list of things that I will most likely forget soon enough and left.

"Where's Lou?" I asked Harry. He shrugged his shoulders not even bothered to answer my question or even think of it.

"She had to go and buy some stuff, she and Tracy went." Eleanor told me.

"Thanks Eleanor, not Harry." I smiled. Tracy was the boy’s vocal coach. She is really good friends with Lou because they are more around the same age but I'm still good friends with them.

"We are meeting them back at the arena." Eleanor added.

20 minutes passed with a bit of small talk, Niall cracking some jokes, Eleanor snuggling into Louis and Harry giving me death stares.

"You wouldn’t want the wind to change, would you Harry?" I turned to ask him.

"And why would that be?" He asked confused and annoyed, this man gets pissed off easily.

"Because if the wind changed your face would stay frowning." I said acting dumb just to annoying him. He didn’t answer, hehehe.

"Hey, what's that song about a grandma getting run over by a reindeer?" Niall asked everyone.

"Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer?" I said going along with his joke.

"Nooooo?" He said and everyone cracked up laughing.

"That will never get old." Louis said laughing.

"Is there raspberry muffins up there? Does anybody else want one?" I ask standing up for the couch.

"Yes please I'm starving!" Niall said quickly.

"Me pleaseeee." Everyone said nearly at the same time. I bought the container over and handed them out to everyone. Yum Tracy made these, she is an amazing cook! She always bakes little muffins and cakes and they are like professional. 

I sat back down on the couch next to Harry and Eleanor, Harry moving over for me a tad.

"You know, when I was 14 and 9 months I had a job in a bakery. Well it only lasted 6 months because then we moved to England." I said picking at my raspberry and white chocolate muffin.

"Really! Harry had a job in a Bakery too! Didn’t you Haz?" Louis said excitedly because we had the same job. I looked at Harry and smiled because of the cliché that it had to be him.

"Yeah… that’s kind of weird." Harry said not very interested. Zayn laughed across the room because Louis was so happy by it and Harry didn’t care.

"Well I worked in a cinema but got fired because I kept missing shifts." Louis said and we all laughed at him.

I turned to harry and whispered so no one else could hear, "That’s pretty cool, we both worked in a bakery."

"No one would have gone to yours because you worked there."

"No I think mine was pretty popular but good observation."

"Your boss probably fired you and you just say that you had to leave." He said rudely again.

"I didn’t choose to come here; I would have stayed there if I could." I replied making something up.

"I wish you did."

"You wish you didn’t say that." I said turning my attention back to the boring TV show they were watching about cars. I think I dozed off at one point after that onto Eleanor. She was again on her laptop because she found the television show boring too.

I woke up 20 minutes later to Harry tapping me on the shoulder.

I look at him confused. "What is it? I was trying to sleep." I said not very loudly.

"Your phone keeps ringing." He said looking proud that he woke me up.

"Can I please have it? It’s on the table there next to you." Harry passed me my phone and I unlocked it. 8 missed calls and 32 text messages. This is why I hate looking at my phone; it’s so annoying texting people back. I reply to some of the messages and decide to call my friend, Tara, back later, the one who left me 8 missed calls and 26 messages. I know it’s not important because she texted me saying, "Answer your phone biatch I need to talk to you about how bored I am now, okay I'm going for a run because you never answer your bloody phone." I giggle to myself at her message.

"Aw look Bella, not even your friends like you, look at what she called you." Harry said quietly to me pointing to when Tara called me a 'biatch'.

"Could you be any ruder? You know it’s impolite to look over someone's shoulder. "

"I never knew you didn’t want me to." Harry said looking innocent.

"Can I read your messages?" I ask him knowing that he wouldn’t allow it.

"No no no." Harry said quickly.

"Exactly." I said putting my phone in my pocket leaning on Harry slightly. Awkward. But the thing I love to do most is make Harry feel awkward or uncomfortable. All he did for the first month I knew him was insult me and finally I have stood up to him. The thing about Harry is he acts all tough and that he is so much better than you but he has a really big week spot and one day it’s going to show. I can feel it because he has been doing this hatred towards me for 3 months, that’s 1/4 of a year! One day, soon, he will hopefully realise that I never did anything wrong and maybe he would stop being such a dick to me.

"I think we should go now." Liam said standing up.

"YEAH!" The boys all chanted around the room getting excited for their gig tonight.

We all piled into the elevator and made our way down to the car that was out the front of the hotel. There were a few fans waiting out the front and the boys went to sign some autographs and take some photos with them. Eleanor and I waved at them and made our way to the car.

We climb in the car and talk while we wait for the boys. "Is it just me or is Harry really awkward around you?" Eleanor said confused.

"He actually hates me. I've never told anyone this but when I'm with him he's always super rude and acts like he hates me and then when we are around people he just ignores me. It’s been going on since we met 3 months ago." I sighed. I've always thought that it was kind of funny but it hurts. It hurts when he calls me things or picks on me, because I know he's not joking.

"Bella, you should have told me this earlier. I've always thought he was strange around you but I never thought that he could dislike you. Wait does he even have a reason to not like you?" Eleanor said upset and feeling sorrow for me.

"He told me if I told anyone he would be even harsher on me. I try to make jokes out of it and say stuff to him but he will never stop. No he doesn't even have a reason, it just all started the day we met and he was going out with Taylor Swift then. Please don’t tell anyone this."

"I won’t tell anyone. But you have to tell me if it gets worse or what's happening. He's probably just angry at himself but that doesn't give him any reason to hurt you." Eleanor said giving me a hug. I squeezed her back. We were still hugging and a tear rolled down me cheek. Before I could wipe it away the door opened and there was Harry. I wipe my eye quickly before I let go of Eleanor so she couldn’t see my tear. Of all people to see, it was Harry. And that tear was for Harry. Even though I act like it’s funny and I don’t care, it hurts and it will continue hurting every day.

The car trip wasn’t too eventful. Harry kept glancing at me every now and then looking confused but I just talked with Eleanor about shoes. She was trying to help me get my mind off things and she didn’t want me worrying about Harry anymore. She's a good friend.

We got out of the car and I was feeling a tad better. We were raced into the arena quickly through a back door and lead to the dressing room which Harry and I were in earlier.

I felt someone grab my arm and pull me back slowly. I looked up confused to see Harry. He pulled across into another hallway and pushed me against the wall. My back hit the wall hard and I winced.

"What the hell was that?!" Harry spat at me. He didn’t speak loudly because people would hear and then he would be in huge trouble. I tried to get off the wall but Harry's height towered over me and he pushed me back so I was against it again.

"H-Harry, what are you doing? I don’t know what you're talking about." I said trying not to be scared. Harry was intimidating but I never thought he would be one to hurt someone.

He narrowed his eyes and his mouth was a thin line. "Don’t play dumb, I saw that pathetic little tear you had when you hugged Eleanor in the car." Harry was getting angrier and firmer with me against the wall.

"Let me go." I snarled trying to get away. I swerved to the right and tried to duck under but Harry caught my wrists and pushed me back against the wall again. "Don’t do anything you're going to regret Harry." I warned him.

His grip was getting tighter and it was starting to hurt. "What did you tell her?!" He said aggressively but not too loud.

"I didn’t tell her anything!" I defended myself trying to wriggle out of his hold on my wrists. "All we talked about in the car was shoes, even ask her!" I said looking up at him. He's eyes were filled with nothing but hardness, no sorrow, no care. Harry is a lot taller than me. My head was at his chest and his huge hands could probably wrap around my wrists twice, if his fingers could bend like that. His hair was dangling in front of his eyes making it hard to see. He let go of one of my wrists and pushed his hair back annoyed. I tried to make a quick exit but he pushed me against the wall harder. I cringed as my back hit the wall in pain. I was wearing a knitted top so if that made anything better it made the landing of my back against the wall squishier, but that didn't help much.

"I saw the tear, don’t be such a little bitch you worthless sack of shit." Harry spat at me before letting go of me and storming off down the hall. I slid down and wall and sat there for 10 minutes staring at the wall across from me. I'm scared. All this time I thought I could have a laugh with him, make it even. I thought that he doesn't mean everything he says. That 90% of the time it’s a joke and we just bicker a bit at each other. But today I saw a different Harry. A Harry I thought I would never see, a Harry I never wanted to see. In interviews and in front of other people he is sweet and funny and charming, but that’s all an act, it’s all just plain and pure bullshit.

I got up and found the girls toilet. There was no one else in there because this one was mainly only used for backstage guests after a concert. I looked at myself in the mirror. Average girl; nothing more, only less. I have long brown hair that’s falls into loose ringlets that reaches halfway past my boobs to my belly button. Light skin that goes tan in the summer with freckles on my cheeks. Today, covered up with a bit of makeup. Mascara making my long eye lashes bold, framing my green-grey eyes. I've always envied girls with beautiful blue icy eyes; I can’t even describe what colour mine are supposed to be.

I look at my watch; I've been gone nearly 20 minutes. I sigh and head back to the main dressing room. Ready to face people, ready to face Harry. Hopefully everything will be acting like nothing happened.

I never want to see his face again, but unfortunately it’s my job.

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