This Game We Play Called Love

Jamie is close to finishing her last year of high school she is dating a very famous youtuber and is one herself she also has what most people would say an unhealthy addiction with video games. She is bullied but she doesn't care about it so she's ok there. Jamie's life is going pretty smooth except for the fact she is constantly tangled in the life's of her bullies, One Direction.


3. She Has A Boyfriend!?

Zayn's POV

When we finished packing all Maya's stuff from her room into the car and boxes we headed over to Jamie's place she's probably doing her make-up or finding what to wear on the weekend and then like studying well that's what I always imagine her doing, not that I imagine her or anything cos I totally don't. Maybe I do but still. So we get there and Maya knocks on the door of a kinda run down apartment it looks like the apartment building in The Big Bang Theory. "It's us" Maya yells "it's open" we hear a muffled voice yell from behind the door then we hear barks "she has a dog?" I say "oh nah a barking cat, what do you think" Louis says "a dog" I mumble. Maya opens the door "hello Puga" she says to a really cute little pug. "Oh so you went to doushe bags R us to help you move in" Jamie says. Louis is gonna say something but eases but of corse Jamie doesn't see she's to focused on the video game she's playing "sooooo are you gonna help or will we do all the work?" Maya asks sitting down next to Jamie "you're gonna do all the work" Jamie replies not taking her eyes off the bright TV, Maya sighs and stands up then claps her hands twice "let's get the stuff then" Her and Louis go in front and the rest of us follow slowly behind cos were all still in shock that Jamie was playing an actual video game "why didn't you tell us that your best friend plays video games and is really hot?!" Harry kinda yells at Maya but not in a mad or mean way "I didn't think it would interest you guys and I thought you hated her?" "well we do" Harry says then opens the boot of the car and gets out a box "well do you have any other friends that play video games and are super hot but we haven't like made them hate us, yet?" Harry says again "no" Maya smiles she seems to be enjoying his rage "well ya know thats your fault that your all so mean to her" she adds "so is she an X box or ps3 girl?" Liam asks "does she play Call Of Duty? And is she actually good at video games" "one, both two, did you see her shirt and three you'll just have to wait and see" Maya says "she would date me" I say "but you have a girlfriend" Louis said to me "and she has a boyfriend called Felix" Maya says "what!? Is he mad?" "well it sorta seems like it if you watch his videos but he's actually perfectly sane" "what do you mean his 'videos'?" I asked Maya "he's a very popular YouTuber his YouTube name is pewdiepie you may know him I have a picture of him on my phone" she struggles to get her phone out then holds it up and we see a picture of Felix with his arm around Jamie they both look really happy "he's like seventh most subscribed on YouTube guys sheesh!" Maya says. We start to head back upstairs all of us with boxes in our arms "so how did they meet?" Niall asked, he always wanted to know the sentimental details "they met in LA" "how?" "they met" "I mean how did they meet?" "oh, can't say but I know how they started dating" "how?" "Felix said 'when are we gonna start dating?' and Jamie said 'now'" "so romantic" Louis said ironically "wait if he's like a celebrity on the internet and she's just Jamie then how are they dating?" "can't say"


Jamie's POV

When I got back I saw that Felix had tried to call me so I decided to call him back

"Hello?" He said

"hi" i replied 

"Oh hi Jamie"

"hi Felix, you tried to call me?" 

"oh yeah I was gonna ask if me and Anthony come and stay at your apartment for a night then we all go to the LA YouTube space together?!" He says cheerfully 

"sure but ya know Maya she's currently moving in and her boyfriends band is kinda gonna be here for a while their actually here right now"

"I'm fine with that I'll just tell Anthony, Hey Anthony she said yes!"

"so you'll get on a plane as soon as you can then call me when you get here and I'll pick you up from the airport OK?"

"yeah I'll book plane tickets now" 

"ok bye I can't wait to see you"

"me neither see you really soon"

then we both hung up. "Was that your boyfriend?" Louis says "yes" I reply "where are you going?" "to LA with his other friend, Anthony" "what his boyfriend!? Is he gay?" "like you can actually say that" Louis' eyes get sad "were in LA?" Liam asked "a place" "what place?"

"a place" 

"what is the place?"

"the LA YouTube space"

"why you?"

"cos my fucking boyfriend is a YouTuber" I say kinda laughing

"ooh getting feisty is that time of the month again?" 

"and why would I tell you?" I say "were's Maya?" I ask sighing "in her new room" Louis says pointing to a white door. I knock on the door "Maya? Anthony's sleeping in the room next to you OK?" "yep" she replies. I go back to the table "wait how do you know about my boyfriend?" "Maya told us about him but not how you met, will you tell us?" Zayn said "well we met at YouTube space in LA thats why we always meet there and well" I was really holding back about telling them my secret " it's sorta a secret" "will you tell us?" "no" "please" "no and anyway I have to pack" and I went to my room to pack.



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