This Game We Play Called Love

Jamie is close to finishing her last year of high school she is dating a very famous youtuber and is one herself she also has what most people would say an unhealthy addiction with video games. She is bullied but she doesn't care about it so she's ok there. Jamie's life is going pretty smooth except for the fact she is constantly tangled in the life's of her bullies, One Direction.


2. Moving In!

Jamie's POV

I was walking to school today and it started raining then to make things worse Zayn and Harry started chasing me so I ran. Soaked, I arrived and saw Maya sitting all by herself crying on the bleachers in the pouring rain I run to her almost slipping twice. When I got to her it turns out she wasn't by herself she was with Louis by her side comforting her I freeze at the sight of him but she sees me and I have to come over "whats wrong?" I ask sitting on the other side of her "my p-p-parents kicked me out!" she blubbers "what happened, or should I just leave it alone?" I ask "no it's fine, well lets just say me and my parents got into a big argument about college and yeah" "ooh" I let slip from my mouth "but now I have no were to go!" Maya says "no! You have... Umm your untie Mel that you love soooo much" I say me being very awkward in these situations she looks up at me and Louis shakes his head "she lives in california with the rest of my relatives!" She yells and Louis nods, really? "Well theres room at my apartment you can move in" I say "no I couldn't" "c'mon it'll be fun, like having a sleepover that goes on forever!" I say squishing my cheeks up to my eyes like a racist would do "no really I couldn't" "I insist i'm so alone! And I have like ten empty rooms, well six to be precise but same thing really" I can see her tear stained face and her eyes full of sadness she really hates getting into fight especially with her parents or anyone that she loved "really you would let me move in?" "yep forever until collage and then until we get married and have better things to do then watch star wars and play minecraft all day" I say "thats only your idea of fun" she says "my idea of fun is incredibly exciting and enjoyable!" I say matter-of-factly she giggles "well this is all worked out we better get to the gym" I say grabbing Maya's hand and dragging her to the gym she waves goodbye to Louis and we leave. "I love you!" she says "wow man I'm not ready for this we just live together nothing more!" I say jokingly she giggles. When we arrive coach Jampton isn't there so me and Maya just join the routine and mouth 'we were always here' and put our fingers to our lips and do our fully extended double hitch with a sweep dismount complex right? 

After practise I had double science I always have double science on a tuesday noooooo! "Now kids sit with your partners. Oh and Jamie i'm watching you don't fall asleep!" I nod pretending to fall asleep then sit down next to Zayn I drag the stool as far as the two person tables go which between me and Zayn was about 20 centimetres, I sigh "your so fat you need to make room" Zayn says "yeah, real funny!" I whisper back looking at him "wow to much ugly coming at me at once" Zayn says I push him he smiles and laughs, what? "well your so ugly you could model for death treats" I whisper clicking my fingers in a z formation "oh nice one, well your so ugly you have to sneak up on your mirror" "that was poor!" I whisper "if bricks were ugliness you'd be the great wall of China" I say Zayn was about to say something but the speakers  called the whole cheerleading team to the track. I got up out of my seat and walk sideways to they door and say awkwardly "i-i'm just gonna-yeah" I get out the door and run to the track which is right out side the classroom and I can see Zayn staring but then look away man why does he hate me so much? Coach Jamton was there with the rest of the squad "now girls sorry to take you all out of class for such small thing so here it is. I'm leaving for the rest of the year on vacation so you will not have a coach and you will rely on yourselves to come up with routines" she says "what nooo!" we all complain "and you said this was small!" Maya yells. We all hug our coach "when are you leaving?" I ask "right now I didn't want to have to tell you and I just brought up the courage to" "what!?, Now that's not fair" Evie complains "yes it is and I'll be coming back next year when you, won't be here well I will visit you next year" her husband in his car shows up and honks the horn, Coach Jamton waves at him "now girls I have to go and this is my last advice is never give up and always see the bright side of things even if they are sad" she says her eyes getting gleamy from the nearly tears but she doesn't cry i just hug her, we all do and then she gets in her car and drives off. "Well that was a bummer" I say casually. The rest of the the cheer leaders all look at me with surprise "see the bright side!" I yell over my back while walking back to class then Maya runs to catch up with me "hey umm Lou and the boys are helping me move in so they have to come to your house ok?" "yeah sure sure but I have my a capella group riff off thingy ya know and I have to get to Zayn he is terrible at science" I say now running to get back he's completely lost. When I arrive back in class Zayn is about to pour red in blue (typical physics) "no, not the red and the blue!" I yell at the door then run and snatch the test tube containing the blue "you do this" I pour the red in the yellow and the blue into the green "phew! That was a close one" I say wiping fake sweat off my forehead "so what was going on back there?" Zayn questions me "oh that I had to fake cry cos coach Jamton leaving for a year, well I say good riddens!" "what I thought you loved her" "oh no I hated that bitch! I mean person" Zayn laughs at my hopelessness at being nice.

When both science classes finish I say goodbye to Zayn and head to Maya's locker for it was the end of the day "hey so whats the plan?" I ask "uh I'll be at your house in like an hour because we need to take  a few trips to my place then yours so I'll be finishes in about an  hour like I said" Maya replies "so I just stay at home?" "yeah I have people helping me" "yep so cya later" I say heading back to my place. So I take a shower and change into my out fit for the pitch perfect style riff off if you haven't seen pitch perfect  a riff off is like a rap battle i a way except it's a capella groups (a group with no instruments they use their voices for the beat in a way) and there are categories like Black Michael Jackson, White Michael Jackson, Songs About Sex, Ladies of the 80's, Overplayed Black Eyed Peas, Ugly Lead Singers, Reggae Time, Stadium Rock, Party Rock Anthems, The Judd's, tv show themes and Famous Duets . And a category is chosen on a spinning wheel in the movie but we just pick one out of a hat. I straightened my hair for this and put high waisted jeans and a MW3 T shirt (modern warfare 3 it's a video game to those non gamers out there) and black ankle-high converse now since i'm finished I decide i'm gonna play some video games.

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