This Game We Play Called Love

Jamie is close to finishing her last year of high school she is dating a very famous youtuber and is one herself she also has what most people would say an unhealthy addiction with video games. She is bullied but she doesn't care about it so she's ok there. Jamie's life is going pretty smooth except for the fact she is constantly tangled in the life's of her bullies, One Direction.


1. fully extended double hitch with a sweep dismount

Jamie's POV

I walk to school in my cheerleader outfit with my bag lazily slung over my shoulder, I see One Direction walking down the street closely behind me I start to slow down from fear I can hear their talking about hot girls and stuff like that then I hear Zayn yell "Hey loser!" He runs up to me with the rest of the boys behind him he pushes me over and throws my bag next to me "I never knew you were such a nature person what with all that grass you lie in". The boys all laugh as they pass me. I just lie there until they're no longer in sight. I got up slowly making sure my clothes were all good and perfect again not that I really care but coach Jamton does. When I arrived at school I went straight to my locker avoiding my bullies but they found me I shut my locker then turned around to see just those five people I was trying to avoid "please don't hurt me" I whimper "unfortunately we can't" they say I push past them walking in front of them speeding to the door to get out to the field were we practice and of corse those boys followed me, well it's pretty obvious why girls doing backflips in mini skirts and they do this every morning it's like they follow me but i'm probably over exaggerating it. I sit on the bottom bleacher and leave my bag and jacket there then my friends Alex and Evie come over and sit next to me and me reading there worried expression's I can tell that they know what happened this morning or at least have an idea Alex looks back at them and sighs "more trouble with them" she says "yeah but I don't care they said that they can't hurt me at school" "but at home they know you live alone" "still they don't know my apartment number" "I think they might find out soon enough they're the most popular people in the school and most girls will do anything for them" "Guys stop lets just start practising" we get up and join the other cheerleaders and continue stretching I tie my hair in a perfect high pony tail my kinda curly brown hair falling on my neck and upper back. I get the boom box "guys which routine?" "on top of the world, Imagine Dragons" Maya a brown skin, straight black haired girl says she's my best friend on the team "YES!" I yell cos in this one I get to be top of the pyramid , well I usually am but still. I turn it on and immediately all the boys heads in the bleachers turn to us I giggle to myself. We do all the triple back flips needed for a crowd pleaser I'm doing most of them because I'm the main focus in this routine but thats only cos I'm the best Cheerleader I'm surprised that I'm not captain I've been offered it but I refused. We do the routine a couple times then return to our bags to rest me and Maya go back on field and practise a really hard move thats just me and her we have to do this for the championships we have to do a fully extended double hitch with a sweep dismount which is really complicated but we have to do it. When we get back on the field (all of us) I put on our next routine song Don't you worry child By Swedish House Mafia this is a group routine it's really impressive but really simple then when we finished that I was about to put not giving in by Rudimental but Alex stopped me "Hey coach Jamtop said she wants us to do a new routine to I want" I groan loudly then lie down on the grass as Zayn said I do a lot but he meant when he pushed me down she explains it to us we practise without the music then Alex gestures to the boom box "NOOOOO!" I yell she snatches the boom box from me and turns I Want on I moan again making sure One Direction hear I do the routine sloppily but still well. After that it's lunch me and Maya go to our lockers One Direction come past and are about to do something to me but then they see Maya and back off cos Maya is dating Louis she kisses him on the cheek I just roll my eyes "Hi gorgeous!" Louis says to Maya "hi Boo!" I gag at this she nudges me I just walk away.

Maya's POV

"Guys have you been bullying her again?" I say Louis points to Zayn "it was you too" he says "guys she's my best friend!" I say feeling disgusted how could they I push past Lou and find Jamie at a table outside by herself "hey sorry I just got caught up in Lou and the boys" "good for you! Why do you even date him?" I just ignore that question and take her plastic cup and start doing the cup song with it I sing it softly Jamie joins in still softly she takes my cup and we do it synchronised then pass the cup over when we finish the song we both burst out laughing "hey wanna practise our fully extended double hitch with a sweep dismount?" I ask "yeah" she replies we run to the pitch and get out the boom box (theres a whole routine to the move just for me and Jamie) the song we do it to is Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang we do the routine a couple times and then practically faint on the pitch "i'm gonna get a drink" Jamie says getting up "sure, come back" I say. She walks off then I see Louis' head over mine "Hi!" He yells I stuff my hands in his face he removes them for me I get up and kiss him passionately I do this now cos I know I can't do it in front of Jamie "hey wanna come to my house after school with the rest of the boys?" "sorry I have Jamie coming over to my house" I say frowning "why is that girl wasting your life, Why are you even friends with her?" "because she's the nicest person I know and she doesn't do anything to ever hurt anyone" "I don't care about her" "fine!" I say stomping off Jamie passes me with a puzzled expression I grab her arm and lead her back to our table "what's up?" Jamie asks "Louis' being stupid" I say "again?" She asks I nod. She pats me on the back then the bell goes we get up and head to our lockers that are next to each other "what class have you got now?" I ask "Maths" "with?" "Harry" "poor you" I say "well bye" Jamie sighs.

Jamie's POV

I walked to class slowly but I was still one of the first people in the class Harry was already there sitting at the front I went straight to the back of the class he looks back at me but I just look out the window. I open my textbook and start reading about some scientific stuff I don't really care about. I can see out of the corner of my eye Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam come in WHAT!? They can't just change class Zayn and Louis sit at the table next to mine "surprised, Jamie?" Zayn says "you can't just do this" I snap "well I think we can, remember we are superstars with a lot of money" "but your not even that good" I mumble under my breath "what was that?" Louis says "what was what, I-I didn't say anything" I say quickly and unconvincingly "what did you say?" Zayn snaps grabbing my arm and squeezing it "I said your not even that good" I cry out. Zayn lets go, I rub my arm which has an imprint of his hand on it "why should we care about what you think?" "I wasn't saying that" I say when the teacher comes in she sits at the desk at the front of the room "Hello students" Mr. Brown said sitting down. Mr. Brown is my favourite teacher he's really nice and funny he never gets angry at you either and since he's the science teacher he always does fun experiments and he's fairly cute. "Now guys today we will be starting a project partners now, now, now before you start going like this to your best friend 'partners!'" he says this in a girly accent "I will be picking your partners ya know just to shake things up a bit. So now Stacey with Liam and Zach with Amy" he goes on about this for a while until it's just me and Zayn! Just perfect! Now I have to be partners with that jerk! Mr. Brown comes up to us and says "now guys ya know what I mean by shaking it up" "no I don't" I say crossing my arms and turning in my chair to the window "please anyone else I-I'll even go with..." I say struggling to find someone "someone!" "no guys you have to be partners" He says, I nudge Zayn "you have money bribe him" I say to him "nah, I like this situation this means I can bully you all science lessons and it looks like we have double next week" he says pulling out his timetable "ugh!" I say.

"Now guys your science project is about chemistry anything to do with it even just random experiments, that have a slight meaning" I lean my head on the table facing the window and fall asleep. "Jamie!, Jamie!"  I immediately raise my head incredibly fast two "so you add the 35 then divide it by 7 then carry the 1 and that equals-" "Jamie I was asking you what your project was going to be about and you were asleep" the class erupts with laughter "no, no I was actually just pretending that I was asleep but I was actually just testing you" I say "nice try, detention after school" "but I have cheerleading" I complain "too bad don't sleep in class next time" I sigh and rest my head on the table again trying with all my might not to fall asleep and I just succeeds, just. The bell goes and I get out of class but instead of going out the door I got to Mr. Brown's desk "c'mon please I'll do detention at lunch, you see I have this really hard move called a fully extended double hitch with a sweep dismount and I have to practise it after school" I say "you know what just because you have to be partners with Zayn I'll let you off the hook but if I catch you doing that again then you have detention no ways of getting out" "thanks Mr. Brown" I say he smiles. I get out to an empty hall way and head to my locker when I see Louis and Maya making out I throw my dictionary at them they pull apart frowning at me. "Really?" Maya asks I nod and open my locker and put my stuff in and walk out to recess.


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