vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


9. Chaptet 6




Im in the kitchen making breakfast for the lads and for Liz.

then i finished making them i saw Niall going downstairs.

"Good morning Nialler" i greet him and give him a smile.

"Goof morning your highness" Niall said and bowed "haha you know the queen will not give you a plate" i said in sassy tone.

"Pwetty pwease bwoobwear" niall said in baby tone and do the puppy eyes. 

"Not that puppy eyes, ok the queen will get you a plate and pancakes" i said

"thank you your highness" niall said me and niall laugh our heads out.


we laughed harder "sorry missy but its already 12 noon" i said and laughed "ARGGGGGHHHHH"  Liz shouted. Then the boys woke up and running around. 

"WHERE'S THE FIREEEE?" Harry asked running naked  "HELP HELP FIRE FIRE FIREEEE" Zayn shouted "FI-FI-FIIIIIREEER" Liam said and ran around.

We laughed harder and harder. "There's no fire you idiots! IM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE" Liz said walking downstairs.

"Harry put some clothes on." Liz said we calmed down and i put 5 plates on the table. Because niall is already eating.

"Boys n' girl the breakfast is ready" i said. The boys walk in the kitchen "Good morning your majesty" harry said

"good morning hazz " i said and patted his back. 

"Im getting a new dress and new shoes who want to join me shopping" Liz asked "Me" the boys and i said in unison

"i need to get new toms and new suspenders" i said "and we need to go groceries" niall said typical Nialler.

"i need to get new hair products" zayn said "i need to buy new blazers and skinny jeans" harry said

"i need to get nothing" Liam said niall laugh and Liz giggle "Yeah liam" i said "so go get ready boys" Liz said "LEGGO" i said.

15 minutes later we finished getting ready.






i put on my eye glasses.

im wearing my favorite black tribal t-shirt yeah i know it's winter and im wearing tee shirt. 

Don't worry im waering 2 jackets my regular red jacket and my black and yellow varsity jacket.

im wearing my favorite sweatpants and my black supra. Yup i wear supra. And im lazy to fix my self. And my hair just messy bun.

"so guys we will meet at the starbucks around 3 so we have 2 hours " Liam said being our DADDY :D

"YES DADDY" me and the boys said in unison.

"GOOD GIRL AND BOYS" Liam said and smiled at us. " bye see you guys later" i said "bye" they said in unison.

I finished shopping i got 3 dress,2 sweatpants , 3 skinny jeans,2 wedge shoes,and 3 sweatshirts.

So now im waking towards at the door of the starbucks. I saw niall there with harry i got in and sit beside harry.

i lean my lips near harry's ear. I gave nial a Shush look. He nooded and i smiled. I count in my head 1---2---3.... "Boo!" I whispered to harry but in deep voice. Vampires can change voices . "Ahh BLOODY HELL" harry shouted shocked. Niall crack up laughing his head off. And me trying to hide my laugh. The people looking at us . We mouthed sorry. "LIZ you scared me" harry said "oh because your too busy with your phone" i said in sassy tone. "the queen is now here" louis said walking towards us with zayn and liam. "Hey guys who wants some hot coffee like me?" Harry said "really? Harry, hot like you?" Zayn said "yeah hot like me" harry said and grin at us "you mean hot like me?" Zayn said . I giggle at their act right now. Niall starts laughing and i cant hold it anymore. I calmed down "so guys who wants hot coffee like ONE DIRECTION?" I asked standing up "that's much better" liam said i smiled at him "me" the boys said in unison "ok ok, coffee? Mocha? Or others?" "Mocha" niall and zayn said "chocolate" liam,harry,louis said "so no coffee? Ok then" i said "hot or cold?" I asked "hot" the boys said "ok" i walk towards the cashier and i smelled vampire. But good vampire. We can sense vampire . "Hi miss can i help you" the girl said her voice is familliar i looked up and saw my ... My ... Bestfriend Brianna 120 years ago (human years)  "Liza is that you long time no see" brianna said. Brianna is a vampire too like us. But she don't know that im with the boys" oh yeah . So how are you? Hows your mom? And dad?" I asked she looked down and looked up again with teary eyes "th-th-They got killed by the fallen 2 years ago" she said "oh im sorry" i said her manager came in "brianna what are you doing get back to work" her manager yelled i got angry and brianna looked at me and shook her head no . "Im just talking to my bestfriend is anything wrong with that?" I asked brianna talk to me inside my head 'please no Liz. I need a job to pay my rent' she said 

'no don't worry i can handle this' i said . Stared to her manager's eyes my and hypnotize her "don't ever treat her like that and she will never come back here. And don't ever yelled at her understood?" Her manager nooded and walked away.

"Follow me " i said to brianna "where?but i have a job here" she said "and by the way thank you" she added. "There with the boys and no problem. And you don't have a job now. " i said "huh but why?"  She asked "just follow me " i said she followed me and i motion her to sit between me and louis. " where's out chocolate and mocha?" The boys asked "oh bloody hell. I forgot sorry" i said "its ok liz" liam said "so who is this beautiful girl you're with?" Harry asked and winked at brianna "hey stop flirting hazz" i said "so guys her name is brianna and she's like us too but shes alone because the fallen killed her parents" i said brianna looked down and i can sense that she's tearing. " oh love don't be sad we're here for you" louis said and rub her back calming her down. "So uhmmm Liam can she stay with us?" I asked "yes she can stay with us" liam said and smiled at me and brianna i smiled at him and mouthed thank you . He nooded. I saw louis still calming down brianna. " let's go to your flat brianna and we will pack your things" louis said "ok we're in" niall said "leggo" i said. We speed to her house and pack her clothes and things "ok that's all i guess" brianna said "let's go to our flat " i said and we speed to our flat. 



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