vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


12. Chapter 9

Nathan's POV

Here we are at bedroom planing waking up Abi. 

But the. Suddenly she just woke up and sat up fastly. Then and so on.

she jump at my back and yeld "PIGGYBACK RIDE" then i ran around. "I'm hungry nate. I want TACOOOSSS" she whin and do the sad face. "Ok,ok i will make tacos" i said and she cheered and said "YAYY! Iloveyou Nate your the best" i blushed slightly but they don't saw it. She just said that she's freaking love me "in a friend way mate" Jay whispered to me. I look down and frown.


i walk downstairs to make tacos and Jay walked in while i grab the meat and the tomatoes. "So you really like her huh?" He said "yup and i will do anything to make her mine." I said "how about Zayn?" He asked "what about him?" I asked back "you know when he stared at her At the starbucks the last day?, his eyes telling that he like her." he said " well he will never get her. But i don't have the rights to be mad at them. Im her bestfriend " i said "yeah your right" he said "good luck mate. Just so you know you need to move faster then zayn. " he said and walked out. I choped the tomatoes and the cabbage. Then i cook the meat .




"The tacos are finished Love" i yelled to abi "im on my way down there" she yelled back.

then i saw Tom,Siva,Max and Jay chasing each other and shooting their selves .

"hey guys stop, the tacos are now ready" i said to them.

"YUMMMM TACOOOSSSS" Siva said then i heard abi run downstairs and said "HEY DON'T EAT ALL MY TACOS SIVA" i laugh because of her cute childish attitude "and monika will be here anyminute" she said "Finally i'll get to see my PRANK BUDDY" Siva said. "Nu-uh she is not your prank buddy. She's mine" she said. "No she is mine girl" Siva protest again but in a girly tone."no girl she's mine she is only mine" Jay joined in. I burst out laughing " hey stop guys just eat" i said while laughing.

then some one yelled "THE BADGIRL IS HERE" Monika said "WHERE'S THE TACOSSSS" she yelled again. "IN HERE" i yell. Then i saw her head peeked out at the door frame "hey boys hey DRE" and she hug abi. "So let's it now then we will have a movie marathon" i said "YEYY" they all cheered . We all sat down and we grab our tacos.

We talked about foods,animals, and vampires . And then we got our fat arse up and went at the living room.


"MOVIE MARATHON" i yelled snd then they cheered "YAAAAYYYYY" "i'll pick, i'll pick,i'll pick" abi said. "Ok calm down" i said and chuckled. So abi went at the drawers where the DVD's organizes properly . Comedy to horror. Then Abi went to the last drawer means she'll pick horror movie. "I pick THIS" she said and hold up the DVD The Grave Encounters. She gave it to me and i walk towards the dvd player and i put the cd in. Then i stood up and walk towards the sofa i sat between Jay and Abi. "Here we go" i said and i pushed the button play on the remote. Jay is at myright side then Abi at my left side. Then Max and Siva is on the left sofa and Tom and Monika on the floor. Then i focused on the movie. 

20 minutes later.

The movie got scarier and scarier. Abi is hiding at the pillow and i saw Max hiding too. I elbowed Max and whispered "mate you scared?" Then i chuckled . He shook his head and remove the pillow. I laugh silently. Then i saw Max and Siva eating some chips . And Tom and Monika well, Monika playfully smacking Tom's arms hiding at his back. Then i focused again at the movie then the girl on the telly turn around and Abi and Monika shouted and Abi hug me and hide her face . "Make it stop,make it stop,make it stop" Abi said shaking i giggled then hug her back. It feels so right her inside my arms. "Yeahh make it stop" Monika said then Siva said "no i like this movie" "it's ok im here right beside you love. I'll protect you i'll never leave your side" i said to Abi . She hug me tighter and said "ok, thank you nate" "no problem love"  then i feel her body relaxed and her hot breath hitting my chest. It feels so right her arms are so relaxing and warm. Then 3 more movies then i saw her eyes slowly closing. I looked at the clock and it said that it's already 9 pm. I lean in to Abi's ears and whispered "good night love , iloveyou" and i carried her bride style and carried her up at her room. I lied her down at her bed and cover her with her duvet. I kissed her forehead and i walk towards the doors and i wAlk to my room and sleep thinking about her.


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