vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
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10. Chapter 7 (LOUIS' POV)



i helped her to carry her things. When i saw here i knew there something about her special. And yes im talking about Brianna.

When we got to our flat we sat on the couch. I hear Liam said "Hey Louis call the boys and Liza" "sure ok" I said and call the boys and Liz. And i notices that Brianna was not with me at the living room. I asked Liam "hey Li did you see Brianna?" I asked

"no maybe she's using the loo or maybe she's in the kitchen or balcony?" Liam said . I checked the bathroom the kitchen and the balcony. But no sign of her. Then i hear violin playing a sad song. I followed the song and i saw her sitting at the log style chair playing violin. 'Liam i found her. Let's meet at the back garden call the boys and liz' i said to Liam through mind. 'Ok' Liam said. I stand there listening to the beautiful sound she's playing. Once she's done i said "i didn't know your playing violin?" I said asked while clapping my hand slowly. She smiled at me and "i didn't play infront of people" she said "well your not playing infront of me because your back facing me while your playing" i said and she laughed. Oh her laughed she's so adorable . 

I sit beside her and stared at her brown eyes. She looked away and blushed "oh look Brianna's blushing" Harry said and the boys walk out from nowhere and Liz . "I thought you loved me boobear?" Harry said while fake crying "i thought you will not cheat on MEEE" Harry said while doing thw fake cry (A/N the fake cry im saying is the fake cry zayn did at their video diary week 10) the boys and Liz start laughing and Brianna too. "Oh my hazza don't cry i will never cheat on you" i said "oh come hazza come to mama " i said and the boys laugh more harder. " ok ok so calmed down" Liz said "OH GOD IS THAT VIOLIN?" Liz asked Brianna "Yep" Brianna said "You still playing violin? Oh do you still remember our theme sing?" Liz said "yes and yes" Brianna said and giggled "you're so cute when you giggled " i mumbled "i heard that red pants" Brianna said "haha red pants really?" I said and laugh. Liam cough and said "so wee need to talk about Brianna . She can't sleep at couch" "she can share with me" i said "no, i will not let you Louis. She will stay at my room" Liz said and smirk. "Ok ok" i said and held my hands up. "Tomorrow we will build a new room." Liam said "so she will have her own room" Liam said "oh no you don't need to do that i can stat with Liz" Brianna said "oh you think you can take it every night LOUD SNORES from Liz?" Zayn said and we all laugh. Except Liz 

"hey it's not true and IT'S NOT FUNNY" Liz said frown. "Oh come here babyboogiedoodly" Zayb said and hug her. We all laugb at the weird Nickname . "What's that a nick name?" Niall asked "yup" Zayn asked. So after we discussed about Brianna's room.

we entered the house and i made some dinner for us. Niall walked in "what cha cookin'?" Niall asked "Curry" i said "YAYY" Niall said. "See ya later louis" Niall said. "See you" i said. Then 10 minutes later i heard again the Violin. At the back garden.

I peek at the window near at the back garden. Then i saw Brianna playing a sad sad song. I calked zayn. "ZAYN GET YO ARSE OUT HERE" i said then i saw Zayn standing infront of me. "What can i do for you?" Zayn asked. "Can you uhmm finish this curry" i asked "sure " Zayn said . I walk towards the door leading to the back garden. I saw her crying while playing the violin. "Hey" i said she looked at me and wipe her tears off her cheeks. "Yes?" "Do you miss them?" I asked she nooded and i sat beside her "do you want to talk about it?" I said "ok, my parents died 2 years ago they got killed by the Fallen (a/n Fallen are group of bad vampires) and i know who did it. It was Britney White the daughter of Rodel White (weird names is it?) " she said and cried. I hug her and said "let it all out babe, im here for you. Let it out. Don't be afraid to let it out. I will stay by your side i will never leave you i will protect you from all the dark. I will warp you with my arms and never let you go" i said she nooded and said "Thank you Louis" "no worries love" i said. 'Zayn, Brianna and me we're not eating for now. May e tomorrow' i said through minds. ' ok mate' make her feel better' Zayn said "i will" i mumbled to my self and looked at Brianna sleeping warp safely inside my arms. I walk inside and carry her to my room and lie her on my king Size bed. I pull out my extra matress under the bed and i got extra blankets and pillow. I change into my pyjama and looked at her i kissed her forehead and said "good night babe" and lie on the extra matress at the floor. I closed the lights and sleep . 




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