vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


8. Chapter 5

Zayn's POV

i woke up lying on my bed. I stood up and feel dizzy "urghh" i groan and fell on my bed.

i grab my iphone and check what time is it. "4:00 p.m" i said to my self. 

I closed my eye remembering what happened earlier. I remember the starbucks and the awhooo gang there with girl with red hair

then staring to that girl and.. And .. A hah ! Now i remember liz used her power sixth sense to me i never thought about that earlier

then she blacked out and i blacked ou-.


i snapped out of my thoughts . "Come in" i said. Then Louis came in. "Finally you're awake" louis said "yeah hows liz?" I asked

"she's still sleeping she need lots of rest because she used her power too much" louis explained "oh yeaaahh, uhm boo can you get me a pills i feel dizzy" i said. Louis chuckled "ok mate" louis said walking towards the door "boo wait , where's the boys?" I asked

"down stairs watching football" louis said "ok thanks mate" i said. Then louis closed the door. Then i think of that girl named abigael czarina. Her eyes are hazel like mine but her's are the most beautiful eyes i ever seen. Her red hair her smile i can't resist.

then once again someones knocking on my door. "Come in" i said . "Here's your pills mate and here's the water and blood" louis said.

"Thanks mate" i said and grab the pills and drank it . Then i drink the water and the blood. Im starving i need more blood.

i stood up and walked towards the bathroom "louis do want to come with me ?" I asked "where?" Louis asked " in the woods,im starving " i said and fixed my hair. I change my clothes to black jumper red varsity and black jeans. "Yeah sure " louis said 

"i'll tell the boys" louis added "ok " i said i walked out the bathroom and i walked out my room. I walked down stair and saw the boys are ready to go. "Wait how about liz?" Niall asked "i will leave a note" liam said. Then when he finished the note we run 

to the woods with our vampire speed. 

We reached the woods and we separated . I saw a deer and i walk closer to the deer. I chased it and caught it then i ate. 

When im finished i saw a leopard chasing the deer then when the deer jumped i jumped with the leopard and pushed it at the ground and kill the leopard. I chased the deer and drank the blood. Then i climb at the tallest tree and stared at the lake.

i heard howling and i knew the werewolves are going this way so i climb and climb until i reach the top of the tree.

i saw the werewolves examining the dead deer and the leopard. Then i saw the werewolves transformed into humans.

i saw a red haired girl. I saw her i saw her with the wanted boys. I saw her red hair again. I listened to their conversation. "Vampires did this" max said . "12 animals dead" nathan said "so she or he is not alone" siva said. I sense the boys 

and i saw them at the top of the other trees listening . I used my mind reading. I heard the boys talking through minds. 

'Can i join?' I asked talking to the boys (one direction) through minds.

'why are they here?' Asked niall 'examining the dead animala and they know that the vampires did . But they dont know that us did that' louis said. 'How many did you ate zaynie?' Harry asked '2 and i killed 1 leopard i don't like sharing my food.' I said and they laughed. 'So how about you niall?' Louis asked '3' niall said 'same here' harry said "we will know later or sooner who did this" abi or should i say czarina . I like more czarina than abi. "Lets go" i heard jay said they turned into werewolves and they ran.

i jump off the tree and the boys did. "Lets go to our flat boys" i said 

we ran to our vampire speed and we got to our flat.  "I need beauty sleep. The queen needs beauty sleep" louis said while putting his hand on his waist. "Good nighr your majesty" harry bowed and niall laughed and so do i.

"ok bradford badboi need to sleep too" i said "good night boys" i added "good night" the boys said we ran to our room and sleep.





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