vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


44. chapter 34


the things happened too fast, why is this happening to me? to us?

Brianna carried Monika like she weight nothing. My blood starting to boil, my heart beating so fast it nearly skip a beat. My skin hair is standing and giving me goose bumps. "Grace heal her, please. Brianna find Liz, Janae and Ashley secure Grace while healing her. Abbie come with me. and by the way, Janae and Ashley when Brianna came back follow us. " I ordered and they start doing what I assign to them. I nod at Abbie it's a gesture means 'let's go'.


my eyes turn yellow and I growl as I turned into wolf. there's something new, I got bigger and my left eye is colour crystal blue. Abbie and I run outside finding the fallens who took Miranda.

I howl as we run through woods. I howl again sending messages to other wolves that the fallens are on loose and took one of us. and out of nowhere the Hayes Triplets came out their fur are silvery white and their eyes are crystal blue means that they are second powerful werewolves living. they growls and leap beside us. 'what is happening?' ask Ciara Hayes the leader of the triplets she is a female by the way. 'Fallens they took Miranda, and Attacked Monika.' I said through her mind and they howls and it echoed through woods they are from Ireland, Hayes family are from Ireland. Hayes means FIRE. 

it's dark outside and it's passed 9:30 pm and the fireflies are only lightens our path. "there, there they are." Abbie pointed and we look where she is pointing and there's the boys tying the 4 fallens againts the tree. I growled and run towards them. 

there's Miranda sitting on the log while the Zayn's coat is on her and a warmer around her body she look up and surprised and happy to see us there. she is just watching the flames dancing. I walk towards her and she pet me IM not a dog, oh wait I am just a big big dog and dangerous. 

I wrap my tails around her making her warm. 

The Hayes triplets is walking in circles around the four Fallens. I eyed the girl Fallen and she looks familiar. I look at Abbie saying 'get me some clothes.' and she nods and she runs and came back with a clothes and a coat. we walk behind the tree and I transformed back to human I wear the clothes and the coat to keep me warm. I look at Zayn he is Lighting up a fire Niall and Liam is surrounding the the fallen and Harry and Josh eyeing the two other fallen. Minutes later I walk toward the girl who is kinda familiar. I stare at her eyes. it's gray like Liz eyes her hair is kind messy and shiny I smelled her hair. "don't touch me" she spat and I eyed her "shut up the fuck up LIZ!" I yelled and remove her wig and I heard gasps, her blonde hair flow down. "LIZ?" the boys yelled and then Grace,Brianna, Janae,Ashley and Monika arrived. Grace is flying carrying Monika, She gently sat Monika besides Miranda. "LIz?" Brianna whisper as she walks towards us. the Triplets are now back in human again Rose,Ciara and Velvet have dark brown hair and wavy they are 5'8 feet. their eyes are now back in dark brown but here the thing that you can tell that this is Ciara, Rose and Velvet. Ciara have long hair that stops on her waist and have a small marilyn monroe beauty mark just inches away from her eyes. Velvet is like wearing red lipstick and her style is 80's look but dark. and Rose is being cutie cutie but when she get mad you need to hide. 


"she is not Liz." said Abbie looking at the girl infront of me. "it's Taylor swift's twin" said Abbie and the girl infront of me smirks and she turned to curly blonde taylor swift look. I grab a stake and I was gonna stab it into her heart but instead her hand got free and she stab it into me. I gasps as she burried it more deeper. I let go the stake and look at my hands full of blood. Abbie grab Taylor's twin and pin her at the tree. Zayn and the triplets runs to me , My eyes starts to blur. I was choking now my blood. 



"YOU FUCKING LITTLE SHIT!" i yelled to Tanya Swift. what am gonna do now. the tears are now building up in my eyes my sights are getting blurry. Abi now choking her blood the triplets trying to do something "there's only one way to bring her back. she is nearly death Zayn." said Ciara looking at me. I looked at my back and saw Monika and Abbie trying to kill Tanya. and the 3 more fallen got free and they started fighting Rose and Velvet runs and turned to wolf. Abi's eyes is turning to red the whites of her eyes are now red. Ciara is trying something. "there's only one thing Zayn, drink her blood and let her drink you blood and, and, and Turn her to vampire." said Ciara looking at me sadly tears rolling down her face. "no,no I can't do that. no way." I said tears rolling down my face. "yes Zayn, you can do it. she will be alive and stay young forever like you." said Ciara stroking Abi's hair. Abi's skin is now turning to very pale and her skin is start cracking. I shook my head in disagreement "do it." Ciara said looking into my eyes. I snap out and I slowly lean to Abi's neck "sorry babe, it may hurt than more than the stake, you'll get better soon." I said and quickly bite her neck and drink her blood and she gasp loudly and Ciara sobbing beside her. I pull my self trying not to drink her blood too much I bite my self on the wrist and put it on Abi's mouth. someone's howls and I turn around and saw the wanted fighting to but Nathan is just standing there. "babe drink my blood. sip it." I said placing my wist to her mouth and seconds later I felt her drinking my blood. and she closed her eyes and I sit her up and snap her neck Ciara is just sobbing there "sorry Ciara" I said tears falling down on my cheeks. and she just hug Abi's cold body and her skin starts to take my blood and starts to get paler than her normal skin more paler now. "let's go something quite where she can rest" I said to Ciara and I carried Abi and we run somewhere else. where they can never find us and never see us forever. 


the end :)


what do you think ? about the ending? is this the ending? what do you think?

should I make a sequel? same writers :) my co author Monika and me. what what do you think? should we make? please comment below. so we know and if you don't want a sequel well Im still writing sequel. if my co author want too :) sorry it'S kinda epic ending. hahaha 

is it really the ending?


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