vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


42. Chapter 32


Abbie is a good Immortal, she kept me entertained. It's already night, girls and the boys and me are now in the living room so watching the fire dancing. Abbie's boyfriend and her is going to stay here tonight. "So Liz, where is your mother? We haven't seen each other in a Century? Decade? I forgot how she looks now." Said Abbie talking to Liz while Abbie sipping his water. "Just A century, Abbie. She still look young." Said Liz and and cuddle with the pillow. "How old is your mother? " I ask her and she fastly look at me, not a good look by the way. "A thousand years." She said and look back to the fire. "Still Im older to your mother." Said Abbie and look at me and smiles and wink. "Babe would you like some food or something to drink?" Ask Zayn while we cuddle under the warmer. "Yeah I would love to eat vagetables. Im a vegetarian." I said and kiss his cheeks. "So sweet, you two are perfect." Said grace while her and Harry cuddle to each other. "Yeah, you two are perfect." Said Liz mocking Grace. Grace stare at her not in a good way too tho "so how old are you?" Ask Louis while hugging Brianna "18, we die not like other immortal. " I said and Zayn came back with a bowl of vagetables. "At your service." Said Zayn and gave me the bowl. "Thank you." I said and smiles.

"why we aren't sweet like that Josh?" Said Abbie while fake frowning. "Babe we are too old to act like that." Said Josh and kiss her forehead. "Age is just a number." Said Harry and the girls giggles well except Liz. Poor Liz cuddling with just a pillow. "I can read your thoughts." Said Liz looking at me. "Leave the girl alone!" Abbie growled at her. And Josh hold Abbie "if you feel sorry for me cuddling a pillow, you should!" Said Liz nearly yelled "I SAID LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE! YOU ARE ALREADY GROWN LADY LIZ! ACT MATURE! " Yelled Abbie and Josh holding her tight. And Brianna and Louis securing Liz. "Why would I? My mental age is 18!" Yelled Liz "18 year old lady doesn't act like that." I said calmly holding my fork. "SHUT UP!" Said Liz growling at me and My blood boil and my eyes turn yellow. Zayn grab her and pin her againts the wall Liam and Harry run and trying to remove Zayn from pinning Liz. "LEAVE HER ALONE OR BEFORE I REGRET HURTING A GIRL LIKE YOU!" Zayn warned and he let go of her. 


"EVERYBODY CALM DOWN!" Abbie yelled at us and I calm down and the boys sit where they were sitting. Liam is cuddling with Janae and Niall cuddling with Ashley.


minutes later I finished eating my salad. "Im just gonna get some blood." Zaynsaid and stood up. Liz is in her room she is mad.

Zayn came back with a glass full of blood. "It's a human blood!" Louis yelled "yes it is and I bought it." Zayn said calm. "But the rules are we are not allowed to drink HUMAN BLOOD!" Said Liam rising his voice. "What can you say, I have blood of my father and mother. My parents drink human blood. And I bought it atleast I didn't human blood freshly." Zayn said and sat down beside me. "He can do hat he wants." Said Josh and look at Zayn. 

"Calm down, guys let's just tell each other stories good?" Grace suggest and we all nodded. 

3 hours of telling each others stories, still Liz is in her room. and he heard a knock. "Im going to answer the knock." said Abbie and stood up. "your ring and necklace is changing color to dark green." said Janae. "oh sh*t. Josh go with Abbie. quick." josh run using vampire speed and we heard the doors opened. and my heart start beating fast "don't worry love Abbie can take care of it. she is powerful because the older you are the powerful you got." said Zayn and kiss my fore head softly.



there's Michelle standing infront of me. "may I talk to my daughter, Abbie?" ask Michelle "long time no see, MIchelle. I thought you got behind the stakes when you cheated on my Brother with a low class vampire who runs just 10 vampires in London" I said smirking at her she look at me like 'shut up' "You can jump to her balcony, thousand years old can't jump to balcony. Piece of cake." I said and I was gonna close the door "are you not going to invite me in?" she ask eyebrows raised "no Im not. it's not my house, not my rules. And I watch the VAmpire diaries. and a BIG NO, dear." I said and close the door. and I heard her jump on the balcony. 

'good girl Michelle' I said through mind. 'fuck off' she response .



as I drink the blood I can feel my through getting better. If I didn't drink blood my throat gets dry and my voice cracking. "you want some?" I ask Louis but he just shook his head and I drink the blood straight and the throw the glass to the sink. "perfect" I said as the glass land in the sink not getting shattered. 

Abbie came back with a smirk. "who is that?" ask Niall "Michelle" said Abbie and wear her fox fur coat and sit near the fire place.



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