vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


41. Chapter 31

-Abbie (me) -

can't sleep, fuck and it's already 11 am nearly noon. Now Im drinking wine infront of our fancy fireplace. Well the walls are black tho some are gray and some are brown the kitchen i brown and the living room is gray and upstairs the bedrooms are black. I like white but Josh don't want  too bright, you know vampire thing. And when night only dim lights are only lighting this whole house. But every wall have dim lights and only strong light are open is is the kitchen. This house is kinda big for us tho. But soon there will be 1 vampire and 2 shapeshifters here living this house. Oh yeah back to the topic. 

I can't sleep, Josh is playing with his drums praticing, he don't sleep when I can't sleep. He don't wants to make me feel like out of place. 'Hey Im going to 1D's house' i said yo Josh through mind and he said 'yeah, becareful love. I love you babe' and I wear my coat and my boots. I need to stay warm, when I get cold Im going to have cough and fever for 12 years and Im not allowed to move or the fever will get more worst nad Im going to die. I love winter really but it's the dengerous season for us shapeshifters. 

I run just milisecond and now Im in their house. They easily just leave their door open? Okay. 

I open their fireplace to keep the room warm and close the front door. 

"Who opened the fireplace?" Yelled Louis in the kitchen and I just sat their on their red love seat. "I don't know?" I said in Liam's voice but in a question tone. "Did I just heard your voice in the living room?" Louis ask in the kitchen. Oopps I think Liam and Louis are both in the kitchen. "Yeah, i heard it too. Let's take a look." Liam whispered and I just sat there and changed my hair into clurly marilyn monroe blonde hair but the length stops half way of my back. and change my appearnce to Liz. 


"Liz? What are you doing?  I thought you go out and shopping with Tessa?" Louis Ask and walk towards me. "Oh hey, no. Nope I didn't. She got Dizzy and she said drive her home so I did." I said smirking and look at them. They gasp a little and smirk at the same time. "You forgot to change your eye color. You cheeky girl." Said Liam and laugh. Oh crap. And I change to my original face hair and physical appearance. 

"I smell Green blood,werewolf blood." I said sniffing and  look around. "there's no wolves or wolf here. maybe it's Grace you are smelling. but she is a Dark angel." said Louis and look around. my eyes turned to crystal blue and I can't move. 



Abbie's eyes turned to crystal blue and she froze there and her mouth fall open and I start panicking. "liam, Liam what we gonna do now? what the F. " I said almost yelling and panicking "shhh, calm you bum. she is following the blood." said Liam shushing me. h-how can she know about this kind of you know power. "Danielle taught me, she is a witch and she can do that kind of power too. shapeshifters are powerful. they can do powers that we have, witches have,Dark angels have, wolves have, fairies have all the powers they can do. shape shifters are rare tho." he whisper and I start to calm. 'by the way how can you have or make a  shapeshifter?' I ask him and he face palm looking at me and stare at me saying 'really? louis?' look. I just shrug 'if you are Original Vampire, Like Zayn, Harry and Liz and you have a girlfriend or wife and you make love and you explode inside your wife and the sperm hit the egg cell or they reached the egg cell the shapeshifter will be made. but if your wife is original vampire too just original vampire baby is going to be make. but if you are original vampire and your wife is half fairy and half dark angel then theres the shapeshifter will be made. if you are human and your wife is original vampire then theres the 1/8 of chances that your baby will be a shape shifter. just if you are original vampire and you wife is half like this and half like that the process will be complete.' he said inside my mind and I sighed 


what if Zayn and Abi got together? whooo another shapeshifter will be born and raise. "yeah that's right." Liam whispered and smiles at me. Abbie starts to change her appearance her hair turning to Ginger hair her body becoming more skinny and her eyes turning to skinny. "what is happening to her." I ask "she found the wolf and she is copying her or his appearance" said Liam "it'S obviously 'she' because it's long hair. and look at those eyes." I said looking at her eyes. and it's kinda familiar Abbie point upstairs and point where Zayn's room. "It's in Zayn'S room. Carry Abbie" said Liam and run upstairs. 



they smelled Abi's blood. but I know that's Abbie, Liam and Louis running upstairs. no harm. "babe wake up it's already 11." I poke Abi's pointy nose but gently. she open those eyes and smiles sweetly "we have a company love." I said and they burst in. "Good Morning" said Abi while rubbing his eyes. "oh" said Liam and Louis carrying Abbie "Put her down there" said Liam pointing beside's Abi. and Louis put her down and Abi's mouth closed and her eyes blink. she have ginger hair like Abi and her eyes and body too. "where am I?" said Abbie and look beside her where Abi just looks at her amazed "you are a shapeshifter don't ya?" said Abi touching Abi's cheeks. "yes I am. are you Abi? I always saw you. Im always hiding. protecting and guarding them." Abbie said holding Abi's hand. 'let's go down stairs. let's leave them for a minute' said Liam inside my mind and I nodded and we leave them there.



"I didn't know that shapeshifters are still alive. I mean I heard some are alive but rare." I said to Abbie "I know, dear. Im hear by the way to protect all of you. and oh don't fall to Liz's traps and games. she's a nice girl and things like that but. just don't fall to her traps. she is a original vampires like Zayn, Harry and Liam. " she said while turning to her original appearance. "I love your hair. is it naturally wavy?" I ask touching her hair. "sadly no, it's naturally straight. I just always tie my hair in a messy bun so if I remove the hair gom it's wavy. I like your hair tho." she said and change her hair to ginger color hair and straight. "I heard you are staying here?" she said looking into my eyes. how did she know? I just crease my forehead "I heard it dear, yesterday. I heard all the nightmares, staying here and stuffs like that. " she said and I just nodded "yeah, I started having those bad dreams " I said looking away. "oh dear have these necklace. it will protect you from nightmares." she said and she gave me a necklace with a triangle black and red stone. "and this to so they can't compel you" she added and giving me a ring of a dark blue kinda 60's fancy ring with a oblong stone in the middle. "it's all diamonds. the colors will change if theres a bad vampires and will start protect you." she said and I hug her "I love you. will you marry me now?" I ask her jokingly and we laugh. 



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