vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


6. Chapter 3

Abigael's P.O.V

10 minutes later the waitress called my name "carrots" the boys and i started laughing. 

And then i stood up and get our order. I walk back to our table. 5 minutes later i heared the door open

and i saw this guy wearing a leather jacket. "One direction" i heared nathan whispered to us. 

"Who's that boy wearing leather jacket?" I asked when the One Direction find their tables they removed their shades and beanies.

"Who that boy with jet black hair?" Asked jay "yeah what's his name?" I asked "zayn malik" siva said "bradfor badboi" nathan said

"ooh" i said and sip my hot chocolate. I stared to this boy named zayn. And when he turned to my direction 

he met my gaze and stared into my eyes. "Ab.. Abs, Abiiii" max said while snapping his fingers infront of my face.

i looked at them and said "yeah?" "You seem lost in his eyes" nathan said. His sparkling hazel eyes stared into mine.

"uh-uh no just thinking" i lied . I can sense that his vampire and i can tell that their sensing it to. "So boys i need to us the loo" i said.

i stood up and walk towards the comfort room door and open it. I stared to my reflection on the mirror

thinking about his eyes. I felt something strong and powerful feelings and i cant figure it out what is that.

I walk out the comfort room and sat with the boys.



When i walk in the starbucks i saw this girl with red hair she caught my eyes. And when we find our tables we removed our shades and beanies.

"Hey lads the wanted are here" Harry said "the AWHOOO gang?" Louis asked we laughed our heads off . When i calmed down

i turned my head to her and i saw her looking at me. I stared into her eyes and someone said my name "Zayn...,ZAYNIEEE" 

i heard Liz calling "uh yeah?" I said " so what do want to order mister Malik?" She asked me emphasizing the MALIK.

"hot chocolate please" i said.

liz got up and wAlked towards the cashier . Once she's done she sat and pull out her phone .

 "Hey hazz did you see that girl?" I whispered  " where?" He asked "there with the awhoo gang" i said "oh yeah Abigael Czarina Edwards" harry said "how did you know her name?" I asked confused "im reading her mind when you and her staring to each other" he said . "What a nice move" i said "hey you two what are you guys talking?" Liz asked "oh nothing" harry said. 

When i stared to her eyes i feel something strong, and powerful feelings that i can't figured out and hard to explain.

and i can feel it to that she got that feeling too.



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