vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


38. Chapter 28


I need to get rid of Abi the shapeshifter, she knows what am gonna do. She knows all because she's fucking shapeshifter that's why I hate her because she can read minds even you are 100 miles away and he can change her appearance I need to get rid of her sooner before they know.

-Abi (shapeshifter)-

"hey, babe Im going to shop with Perrie and Eleanor now. So you going to be alone this whole noon okay bye" I said to Josh and kissed him on the cheek. "Okay take care, I love you babe" he said and Kissed me on the lips. "Bye" I said and wave my hands. Let me tell you a secret okay? No one know this even the boys even josh too. It's just me who know this secret, Perrie and Eleanor are Fairies boys know that they are just a normal human being but no they're not. I grab my car keys near the front door and walk out the door. I unlocked my car and drive where we are going to buy our clothes or anything let's just call it 'girls day'. I unlocked my phone and dial Eleanor's number "hey girl Im on my way to your place in 1 minute." I said smirking "yeah okay, Im counting" she said and I hang up the call. I park my car at the nearest parking lot near woods Im wearing a coat but that's fine I can jump and I can run properly oh forgot the heels. Goddamit that's okay I dial my friend's number "hey girl drive my car to your house, the GPS is on don't worry" I said and and Hung up. And I ran through woods and jump  this is going to be messy.



I need blood, I need a fucking blood right now. "Urghhhhhh" I scream. I know where I can get a blood I need lots of it. I have 3 options one steal at hospital two buy at hospital or three hunt some Human being. 

I gotta get some now I can't take it anymore.



"hey Liz you okay? You are so quite today." I asked her because she's staring at the wall and her expression is blank. "Hey liz, liz you okay?"  I said waving my hands infrontof her. "Grace, Grace come here!" I yelled here in living room calling Grace " yes?" She yelled walking down stairs. "She's not answering me, Im worried what's happening to her." I said standing infront of Liz. "Let's try shouting on her ears." She said and we shout on her ears but no. Then someone knocked at the door. "I'll go get it." I said and Jog to the doors I opened it and saw three girls. 

It's... It's, Eleanor, Perrie and Abi Louis' and Zayn's ex girlfriends with Abi. "H-Hey girls come in" I said and smile awkwardly. What are they doing here? 


"Liz, Liz Please answer me" I said shaking her. I heard foot steps getting closer and I looked up. "Perrie Edwards and Eleanor Calder? H-Hey Abi I didn't know you are friends with them" I said and Awkwardly smile. "Yeah, oh I forgot." Abi said and smile Brianna walked to my side smiling awkwardly "We are here to invite you girls to shop with us at Oxford." Perrie said and wink "yeah she's right but you three have to put on disguise I mean All of us." Eleanor said and wink what's the wink thing. "But how? Put on wigs? Mustache ? Wear boys clothes" I said confused. "You don't need these things to put on. Just touch my hand and say to my what hair color and clothes you want to wear and I can change you eye color too." Abi said and smirk. "But how about Liz she doesn't even moving. Something going on with her." Brianna said worried looking at Liz. "Don't worry." Abi said and snapped her fingers. And Liz looked at us "what happened?" She said and looked at Abi,Eleanor, and Perrie.



"so ready to get glam up?" I said cheerfuly and they cheered except liz.

they hold my hand and Viola they are ready to go

Brianna is wearing this : (it's polyvore sorry, if you have in your Iphone or galaxy a polyvore app search prettyabbie and go to my sets and find the tittle I'll list down the tittle later at A/N) the dress one :) 





and finally me:


"Get ready girl we are going to run,jump and these three are going to fly" I said pointing to grace, perrie and eleanor. "Wh-what did you mean these three will fly?" Said brianna "later I'll explain. Use this Cape to be invisible girls. And yes I borrowed it from HarryPotter" I said and they laughed "so let's go?" "Yeah" they all's just 8 minutes run til we reached the Oxford city.



Hey guys so these are the titles 

1. Bd to good 2. Day with him at usj 3. Little too wild 4.stars 5.untitled 3 and 6. Shop with me.

that's all for today so 

what did you think Zayn did? Or what do you think Zayn will do steal, buy , or hunt a human for blood? 


So hope y'all like it :) byeeeeeeeeee ILOVEYOU CUPCAKES :*

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