vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


35. Chapter 25


"Monika c-can you please call Zayn. And say to him that come over here." I said to Monika while Im here still laying on my bed. "Sure, sure " She response and I continue the movie Im watching it's been 1 week since I get injured. Im better now but Monikas said that I need to rest more because Im evolving "so what cam up to your mind? " Monika ask me while a smirk plastered on her face "Oh Nothing just I-I missed him, I can't figure it out if I have a feelings for him but when he is there right infront of me it's like the butterflies in my stomach. On wait it's not butterflies it a bloody freaking zoo(I lol'd ) explode in my stomach I can't stop smiling. Even thou I don't know him really well but it feels like I've known him for too long" I said looking at the T.V "well If you always get that 'ZOO' in your stomach it means you have a feeling for him. Just wait the right moment if you two kiss and the sparks or fireworks or bombs is everywhere go for it girl. You know I can tell that he is waiting for you and I can tell that he loves you" Monika said bedide me exaggerating the ZOO 


20 minutes later


*tok tok, tok* 


"who's that?" I said looking at the window then Zayn came out from the darkness. He smiled and I open the window "you know, you can use the front door not my window." I said while my hands on my hips oh Im wearing pyjamas "well I don't want to get beat up by the wantd" he said smirking "so, uhmmm well.... Aaa" I said thinking about something that we can talk about "let's go sit at my bed." I gesture to him to sit beside me. "Abi, I-I have something to tell you" zayn said "what is it?" I ask he starred at my eyes like killing me by his eyes but killing me in a loveliest way (again I lol'd) "I-i..." He stop and I felt his lips pressed into mine. The sparks,fireworks,dynamites,bombs, and other explosives around us (again I lol'd) we can't stop, wish I can stay like this, this boy infront of me I can tell it now I love him. We're still kissing passionately his hands moving up my back and down while my hands is playing with his hair (ooppssssss) I get on top of him and we stop for a seond and we kissed again then the door opened "WHAT THE--" 




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