vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


29. Chapter 22

A/N hey guys The chapter 21 the Zayn's part there where they were talking to me :) yeah that's me they're talking to. (And Im going to add some years to my age so don't be shocked) That's Liam's part actually, that time I was just thinking aout Zayn so I typed Zayn's name soryy so here's Chapter 22


-shapeshifter Girl- december 21 2013


it's now Louis' birthday Im going to surprise them. Yesterday they smelled my blood because I saw him and her girlfriend ran inside. Well he's a lot faster now Josh is with me now here beside me cuddling me he is so very sweet we're almost 3 years and we're planning to get married. Now iT's 5 am in the morning and I know that Louis' awake now. "Babe Im sure that Louis' awake now let's surprise him and them too. " I said to Josh  "sure, I better be change now" he said and kissed my forehead "Iloveyou babe" he whispered "Iloveyoutoo " I whispered back. "Why don't we change in a same room" he ask while hugging me "No Im going to change On the other room" I said and  and stood up and he stood up too and hug me "but babe please just now. Please" he whispered to me softly "no no no " I said "please please babe just now" he said again kissing my neck "ok just now ok, don't peek Im going to kick your arse if you peek" I said and kissed him on the lips he nooded and kissed back and we passionately kissed and we ended up making love. (Hahaha fast so fast) 




It's 5 am in the morning and why neighbors are so loud. "Happy birthday boobear" someone whispered and I look at my bacm and saw my perfect girl "thank you babyboo" I said and smile at her. I patted the vacant seat beside me motioning her to sit beside me, she sat beside me and I put my hands around her while watching the fire. "Lou who is the girl that you three talking last night?" Brianna ask me "that girl is our neighbor and they are loud right now can't you hear them?" I ask her and she giggled. "Well that's why I woke up this early why would they do that? It's soooo early in the morning" she said and hug me tight "well I don't know. So the girl yesterday is Abbie Hashimoto, she gave us some foods and that's what we ate yesterday the pizza and the paella." I said to her and kiss her forehead "well she has a good cooking skill" she said calm but in a cute way. Then the noise is now over. "Finally the noise are now gone" Liam shouts upstairs we laugh "I didn't know that Liam is awake" I said "well we're all awake" said the boys and girls upstairs. W laugh and laugh and the rest of the gang is in the living room only Grace have the blanket around her  because she's a dark angel. "So what's the plan today?" I ask them and look around "go -" Liz got cut off by the doorbell "why someone would go to our house this early" Grace said just looking at the fire. "Well I don't know. I'll go check it. Zayn come with me and Niall" I said to them I stand up wear a jacket because if that's Abbie again she will ask me or us why we're only wearing tee shirts. "It's Abbie" i said to the two lads . We walk towards the gate and open it. And she's with "hey lads" Josh said and wave at us "Happy birthday Boobear" Abbie said and smile "oh well thank you why don't you join us. And I didn't know you're with Josh Devine" I said to her but she just smile like she's hiding something and she looks at Josh "happy birthday mate" Josh said and pulled me o a manly hug "hey Josh we missed you mate" Niall said while we're walking towards the front door "Louis, Abbie have a surprise for you all" Josh said whil holding Abbie's hand "so you two who live there?" I ask them "yep, I bought the house well Josh didn't know you were living here. I told him last nightthat you live here and He well he is happy" Abbie said and kiss Josh' cheek. "So Zayn why you're so quite?" I ask Zayn just starring to Abbie "her eyes is like familiar. Dark brown but soft " Zayn whispered "oh I see" I said and look at Abbie's eyes. Yeah he's right dark but soft and you can see her eyes is saying something that she's hiing something. We finally reached the living room "Josh? What are you doing here?" Harry said in a loud shock voice "im with here with Abbie and I remembered it's Louis birthday so we're here to give louis his gift not only his gift but you lads are going to be surprised too" Josh said well here comes the surprise . " so We are going to give it now soo close your eyes boys and girls. And later I'll introduce my self to girls later. " Josh said "why now? Im scared please don't be spoon" said Liam "oh we know you don't like spoon" Abbie said and the girls giggle. "Close your eyes boys no peeking" Abbie and josh said so we close our eyes and. 



boys closed their eyes and the girls too. Abbie transformed to her original look. Abbie change her name into Abbie Apan her real name is Abbie hashimoto she don't want to change her fist name so she did not. So she's a shapeshifter and she's back to stop Liz for what she's doing .

Abbie have really black hair, dark brown eyes, white skin, long hair and about 5'5 feet height. "You can now open your eyes" I said and Abbie is still face the wall and her back is facing the boys. "Who is this girl? And where's Abbie?" Liam said a little confused. 



Im kinda excited to surprise them so I finally turn around and saw their faces confused to shock "so what cha doin' Boys?" I ask them and they just starring at me "hey girls , Hi Im Abbie One direction's bestfriend and Ive been watching you guys for over 15 centuries really" I said to them the girls smile at me but Liz is acting bitch (sorry) so she just looking at her fingernails ignoing me "hey Grace and Brianna" I said and wave at them they wave back but speechless and the boys too "boys you know you can move" I said facing them "I--I can't believe you are here" Louis said "and you've been watching us?" Niall ask me confuse "oh yeah I mean we have been watching you guys I sent Josh to watch you. And Im Shapeshifter Niall" I said to Niall and I focus to his eyes and transformed to Niall "oh god. You look hansome Abbie" Niall said we laugh "yeah thank you" I said in Niall's voice I transform back and walk towards josh hug him "you guys are so loud. We heard you guys you two woke us up" Liam said josh just laugh and "Im sorry can't help it" I said "im not Impressed" Said Liz and walk heading the kitchen "she's a bitch" I whispered to Josh "your words missy" Josh said looking down at me "sorry love can't help" "what happened to you now?" The boys ask me "i want to know about you all girs let's go and seat and you boys too I'll tell you a story" I said and I told them why I leave and why I came back but I didn't tell that Im going to stop Liz because they don't know that and how did I met Josh and so on. We planned that we're going to club tonight to celebrate.



sorry guys it's kinda uhmmmm....... Messy. Sorry just try to understand. And yeah Im a shapeshifter . So janae and ashley is going to club with us. Whoooooo.. Bye ILOVEYOU ALL

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