vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


28. Chapter 21

December 20 2013

-Shapeshifter girl- 

Im going back again to the boys Im from Manchester. Im the princess  of all Shapeshifters ( shapeshifter - a person or being with the ability to change their physical form at will.) everyday I watch them but how can I watch them If im not there in Holmes Chapel well, I sent a Vampire and he's my boyfriend. And his name is Josh Devine, Josh always watching them everyday,  everynight and everymove they do. I sent Josh 3 years ago when Harry,Louis,Zayn,Liam and Niall united as a boyband. Im going back to the boys because of Liz. She's doing it again and I'll never let her do it again to others. All the boys are my bestfriends since birth we always ate together at lunch we even have sleep over at our house. We all live in Birmingham but when I was 15 we all change our hometown, me and Louis live in Manchester but Louis that time didn't know about me and the other boys. He only knew that Im just a normal human being but when his father turned him to a vampire I show him what am I or who am I. Niall too didn't know what Am I till now I have many reason to come back to them. Tomorrow's Louis birthday we stay intouch but when 2010 starts we lost connection he's my closest bestfriend to me. Oh I forgot to Introduce my self my name is....... you'll find out later .



Im sitting outside our porch I don't care if it's cold or not. Im cold blooded I don't have any heat in my body so Im not cold here. Im just watching the snow while Im watching the snow I saw a car well it's a Volkswagen Phaeton, the empty house at the left side of our house is now sold. Well that's not good if they are human they can be killed by vampires here. And what nice car that Phaeton is about £46,915 well I like searching cars any cars because Im planning to buy a new one. "Loubear where are you?" Brianna yelled inside "Im here babyboo" I yelled too and just keep watching the snow "loubear what ha doin'?" She said and sat beside me "just watching the snow and you know the house there at the left side of our house is already sold." I said calm no expression just calm "well that's weird. Why would they bought a house that is hundred years old and the houses here is just Our house and that house." Brianna said and watch the snow too. "Well that house is yes that's hundred years old but still comfy and still can be use for human cause many times they renovate that house." I said and look at her while her watching the snow. "Well how did you know that house is comfy for human?" She ask me still watching the snow "well because Im here and Im hot and they will always see me Louis the Tommo Tomlinson." I said to her and attack her a hug "if they can because they're not going to see you wearing just a tee shirt and a casual short they will think that you're crazy because it's cold here outside." She said and hugged me back "well Im crazy for you baby" I whispered at her ears then I smelled a black blood (black blood: vampires,fairies,dark angels, shapeshiters and wizard etc. red blood: Human being green blood : Animals) "did you smelled that?" I asked her while sniffing the scent "yeah black blood, someone's here near us" she said while sniffing too. "Quick get inside the house" I whispered yelled and we stand up fast and run in Vampire speed. "Boys and Girls in the Living room now" I yelled and Im just stood there beside the big staircase. "Why what happened?" Zayn ask while walking downstairs calmly "Im pregnant!" I said and looked at him in serious look "no you're not you are a boy" Zayn said and we laugh "well the truth what happened out there is someone or something is near us and it's a Black blood." I said to him while were walking heading to the living room Brianna is now sitting there on the couch and the 3 other boys too and the girls is on the love seat. "What Happened loubear?" Harry ask me while Im just standing there then my hand is on my hips "well there's a something or someone near us and it's a black blood. And one more thing the house beside our house is now sold and maybe the one who bought that is a human or I don't know. And this black blood is chasing that human or something . " I said to them and "and maybe it's the Fallens ?" I added "what if they'r--" Niall got cut off by a doorbell. We looked at each other and I look at Brianna 'stand beside the girls' I said to her through mind 'Liam  and Harry go with me ' I said to them we walk like a normal person and we unlocked the front door and we saw at the gate a medium length brunette haired girl tan skin and about 5'4 feet height girl. The she turned around "hi boys Im new here, I just moved in there beside your house and I brought you guys some Pizza and Paella" the girl said wow "is the pizza have a olive oil?" Harry ask the girl and we know and you kow why girls :). "Of course it don't have a olive oil" she said and that dark brown eyes is like a familiar to me . 'She looks familiar' Zayn said 'yeah I know' we open the gate then Harry smell the foods if theres a olive oil. "So what's your name?" Harry ask her and wink at her I smack him and "hazz you have a girl insidethe house" the giggled then Harry just looked at me 'im sorry' hazza said 'it's ok' "my name is Abbie, Abbie Apan" the girl said and she smiled at us. "Nice to meet you Abbie"I said to her and we shook hands "Nice to meet you too" she said "you're a Asian right?" Zayn asked "yes, I am. You're Zayn Malik and these two boys here are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson" she said smiling and pointing at us "h-how did you know?" Zayn asked shocked "well you forgot something you're in the Biggest Boyband in the world" she said and her eyes lit up. "So you're a fan?" Harry ask while holding the foods. "Yup but don't worry Im not going to shout, squeal and do something crazy infront of you guys." She said "sooo i need to go now, my boyfriend got home now bye. Nice meeting you boys I guess I'Ll see you around? And Hang out?" She said still smiling and walking towards the gate "sure, sure why not. Bŷe" we said and I locked the gate. We run inside and put the foods down the table. 

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