vampires vs werewolves

one of the vampires (boys,one direction) fall inlove to a girl werewolf but one of the werewolves (boys,the wanted) love her too. but the vampire girl with one direction have feelings for one of the boys and she will do anything to have him. but the werewolf girl fall inlove to a vampire boy from one direction.

to know what happen read the story :)
[so this is my second movella hope you liked it loveyou cupcakes]


24. Chapter 19

Dcember 15 3:45 am


-No one's POV-


"fallens are back".... Abi sit up fast and while breathinf heavily. " fallens are back" she whispered to her self she wipes the sweat on her forehead she looks around her room but  all she can see is just the dim light of the lamp. "Just a bad dream" she said to her self and she heard a door slam downstairs. She grabs her phone and quikly stand up and open her door. "Who's there?" She said a liitle louder while walking downstairs quitely and slowly. She checks the clock it says "3:48 am" "hello who's there?" She repeat again a little more louder she's confused because they locked the doors and who will be up this time. Then someone touch her shoulders "what the freaking hell" Abi yell and turns around "shhhh.. Be quite" Nathan said "how can I be quite if you just sneak or touch me like that and your hands are kinda heavy" Abi whisper yell at him note the sarcasm. "Sorry I didn't meant to scare you" Nathan said and they walk downstairs.

they open the light at the living room "I had a bad dream" Abi said in a scared serious tone "what is it?" Nathan ask her while looking around "Fallens are back" she said then a wolf howl. They heard the howl even the rest of the boys quikly open their eyes and run downstairs. "That's your uncle right?" Max ask Abi a little bit sleepy voice. "They need help" Tom said and they run outside and run to the woods and transform to a wolf. They run and run till they reach the other side of the woods. Then they saw her uncle with two more wolves laying on the ground. Abi recognizes the wolves and her eyes turns to gray means that her mood is change. "What happened here?" Abi ask her uncle using eye contact "fallens" (A/N fallens are the vampires that drink human blood and animal blood.) and her eyes turn to jet black means that she's angry. The boys spread out to protect Abi. Abi howls to warning the other werewolf. And to warning the fallens that she'll kill them. Then the 6 fallens run and run tree to tree place to place. Abi and the rest of the boys just following them using eyes. Then Abi growl at the boys to attack Abi caught the fallen and saw it's "FUCKING TAYLOR SWIFT" thought Abi. Abi pin her and she raise her paws and scratch Taylor at the face "yeah it's me bitch" said taylor and punch her. Abi flew and land roughly. Abi get up quickly and attack her she pin her again she almost bite taylorand rip her head but taylor 



whoopppssss CLIFF HANGER.

sorry for the swearing and no offense. 

So im planning to put Harry Potter in this book :) YAYY WIZARDS. 

So Im gonna pick 3 girl WIZARDS. So just comment below write your name, height , skin color , hair color, and eye color. Don't forget to write your personalities :))) Byeee iloveyou all

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